From The Mouths of Babes…

Not babes like that…geez…babes as in our children and students!  (Yes, I am a babe like that…it’s OK to admit it!)  I know it’s supposed to be Wordless Wednesday but me and Wordless Wednesday have a strained relationship.  Have you met me??  I have a lot to say.  And it’s important and meaningful so I had to kick Wordless Wednesday to the curb today.

I am making cupcakes right now…and writing this blog.  If you’re making cupcakes, you are required to eat the batter!  Why?  Not only is good, but I say so!  Raw eggs…eh, who cares?  It’s so good!

Today I am going to share a story that happened at dismissal.  As you read it, keep in mind my situation and try to understand my balancing act.  I am a pretty good balancer because I do yoga!

Here is a little background.  I had a student last year, let’s call him C.  I have his brother this year, let’s call him H.  They have a sister who is in 2nd grade, let’s call her T.  I also worked at the daycare that they attend for two summers.  I have a very special bond with the kids and their family.  Keep that in mind too.


Student:  “Mr. Greg, did you marry a boy?”
Me:  “Ummmmm who told you that?”  with a nervous giggle.
S:  “C and T told me.”

And that was the end of the discussion.  I never responded because quite frankly I still have some uneasiness about how much of my wedding to a boy to share with my students.  They’re asking lots of questions and I am dancing around them.  More on that in a minute…

The daycare bus arrived to pick up the students so I stepped onto the bus to say hi to the driver.  The student says “C and T are telling everyone you married a boy.  Did you get married to a boy or a girl?”  I laughed and said “I got married!  See my ring?”

Student:  “To a boy or a girl, you have to tell me!”

The driver then tells me that this was the topic of conversation on the bus yesterday!!  You know me, I do have this way of being the center of attention…And here is where it gets good.  Inspirational stuff ahead. Touching.  And can I just say, a powerful lesson for all adults.  Are ya ready?  Get ready to be moved…

C and T told everyone on the bus that I married a boy.  And they loved me because we’re friends.  People, if only we “grown ups” had that sense of tolerance.  Children can teach us many things.  And here we thought we were teaching them such great things…

The girl still is dying to know if it was a girl or a boy.  And I am still not answering.  Another boy on the bus says the following:  Pay attention.  Life lesson from a 3rd grader.

“It doesn’t matter who we married.  It just matters how he feels about it.”

That sums it up folks.  Our children our not born with intolerance.  They do not see colors or labels.  They see us as people and all that matters is how we feel.  Imagine the world if the “grown ups” of the world had that same loving view of people.

Now, if you’re a regular reader (and if you’re not WHY NOT???  You should be.  I’m the newlywed so you need to hear what I have to say!)  you know I am not a quiet or shy person.  Nor am I reserved.  Shocker, right?  You had this picture of me all quiet and shy…uh huh.  Ain’t happening.  However, this situation has left me without an answer.

My dilemma is this:  how much do I share?  I understand the sensitive nature of the issue.  Trust me, I get it.  I’ve lived it my whole life…just thinking about it makes me want to eat some more cake batter!  But if the monsters are asking and want to share, why shouldn’t I?  And if the lady upstairs is getting married and sharing all of her excitement with her class, why can’t I?  It’s a difficult and frustrating place to be….but also understandable.

I don’t mean this to be a political or controversial post.  Just wanted to share this story and how touched I was.  I think it’s a powerful life lesson for everyone!

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Pants:  H & M
T-Shirt:  5K run!
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Last night as I was picking my outfit I asked the Mr. if the sweater went with the pants.  His response:  “If you’re wearing it, yes it does!”  Hmmm is that a compliment?  I dunno how I feel about that response.  I am going to take it to mean that I can pull off anything I wear!
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