Technology Tuesday: October 17th, 2012

Happy Tuesday!  I appreciate that my principal understands I have a billion things to do…so she kept us for an hour and a half faculty meeting.  And I learned??  Umm…I learned….ummm….I learned that at 8:30 on Friday the mascot from the Tennessee Titans football team is coming to our school for an assembly.  Um, Mr. Greg has a huge phobia of people in costumes.  Do you know how hard this will be??  Kindergarten always sits in front so that mascot will be close to me.  I quit.  I can’t do it.  I won’t go.  Several years ago, the wives of the local NHL team came to our school…(um, wives of pro sports stars=NOT HIGH CLASS!  Seriously, I am convicted these women rolled out of bed and showed up at school.  I was a bit scared!)  Anyway…the team mascot came in my room and proceeds to grab me and hug me.  Yeah I don’t think so.  The kids loved it.  I did not.  Can you say out of my comfort zone?   Another time, Ronald McDonald came and the kids wanted a class picture with said clown.  I agreed thinking I would sit far away from clown man.  Yeah, Ronald sat behind me and put his hands on my shoulder.  Seriously, why must my principal and costumed people torture me so?  I am such a nice guy…I don’t deserve such treatment.  Stay tuned for details of my encounter with this costumed person Friday!

Today I used two new iPad apps with my monsters during center time.  They were a hit!

The first one I used was Monkey Math!  Monkey math covers a lot of math skills such as sequencing, counting, number recognition, adding and subtracting and more.  What I loved about this app was that the skills are all mixed together in a fun and engaging way!  My kids loved it!  The monkey even tells the kids they’re doing a great job.  One of my monsters was so excited every time the monkey encouraged her!  Check out Monkey Math!

The other app we used today (my higher kids!) was called Ten Frame Fill!  This app is great for making ten and introducing addition.  The app shows a ten frame with blue dots and the student has to figure out how many more are needed to make 10!  If they can’t figure out the answer, it helps them by showing them yellow dots that they can count.  Check it out!
Does anyone have good apps for letter recognition?  I need a few for my four friends who are really struggling to learn their letters!
And finally, yesterday I posted the cute picture that Ashley Hughes made of me. It was me behind my kidney table.  She updated it to include my wedding band!  LOVE IT!
I want to share my newest creation with you!  I am asked a lot about what I do to with my monsters to get their DIBELS data to improve so much over the course of they year (I am a great teacher…duh…what kind of question is that?  I mean I know I don’t work to move my kids but come on…)  One of my tools and one of the most effective tools in my opinion, is picture sorts.  We do picture sorts 2-3 times a week.  We also use Words Their Way for our word study so I am THE KING of picture sorts.  I think the picture sorts really help the monsters with their FSF and distinguishing their sounds.  And I am THE NEWLYWED so I must have a clue about what I’m talking about, right?!  
I hope you’ll check out these beginning sounds picture sorts!  I use these on Tuesdays so pre-assess my class to get an idea of where to take my guided reading groups the rest of the week!  These are also good for assessing first sounds and great for DIBELS practice!  Check them out and let me know what you think!
Visit my store to get your copy!  

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