Freebie Friday!

TGIF!  It has been a short week for me so we crammed a lot in! Be sure to visit tomorrow for a recap of our two days!  Yeah…two days!  We had conferences on Tuesday and I was out sick Wednesday and Thursday!  Was good to get back to my monsters today.  And guess what?  They got great reports from both substitutes!  I was such a proud teacher!

Look what I found today!!!!!  Christmas mustaches!  Can’t wait to use these for something fun for my classroom!!
Funny story of the day!  My friend “Whishle” came up to me at recess and she was MAD.  You know the kind of mad…the eyes…steam coming from ears…angry.   I asked what was wrong.  She responded (not kidding folks!)  “I can’t catch a butterfly!”  she steamed.  I told her not to give up…then I saw this…
People, she was on her belly…slithering like a solider stalking the enemy.   I have never seen anyone so intent on catching a butterfly.  She never did catch one…oh, how I love kindergarten!

Here is a fun Thanksgiving freebie for you!  My kindergartners are struggling with number recognition with those numbers from 11-20!  We have been playing this game during morning meeting and it’s helping!  It’s fun…the turkeys are cute…and we’re learning.  SMARTER!  NOT HARDER!

I want to introduce you to the new CEO of The Kindergarten Smorgasboard!  After a hostile (does humping count as hostile?!) take over, this is our new CEO!  The Mr. is now the Director of Finance and Marketing!  And I am the founder and Creative Director of the smorgasboard!  Can you tell we love to be silly around our house?!

Here is my stache on day 8!!!  And my rockin class behind me!
And a picture of our senior citizen hamster.  Pinky the Wonder Hamster is over 2 years old…she’s blind.  But she loves her carrots and she loves the monsters!!!  
Close the door and teach on!  
Check out my new holiday measuring packets for a fun way to practice measuring with your kiddos!

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