A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin’ Sunday: Super Sized for a Super Bowl

Is there some sort of sport thing involving a ball and men in helmets?  Yep.  It’s Super Bowl Sunday!  That means it’s a SUPER sized Schedulin Sunday!  Not really, but…it’s fun to play along, right?!
Here are my plans for the week:
Click the picture to download your copy!
I am going to do something crazy.  Get ready.  We’re doing groundhog day today!  I told you.  CRAY CRAY!  We had a glorious snow day on Friday so we didn’t get to have our groundhog day fun!  We’re going to do it today (minus the prediction chart!)!
 Today we will celebrate Groundhog Day!  IT’S GROUNDHOG DAY!    Does anyone remember that movie?!  ANNOYING!    Anyways, here’s our big Groundhog Day celebration!
We will read Go To Sleep Groundhog.  After reading, we will complete a story map and make a groundhog fact chart!  The monsters will complete a predictable chart about what their groundhog will do if it sees a shadow!  
The rest of the day will be spend with groundhogs.  The first thing we must do is make a hat.  It’s a holiday so a hat is required.  It’s my rule.  Follow it.
And guess what?!  You can have the template for the hat!  FREEBIE!  I expect to see lots of groundhog hat pictures!
We will play a fun “heads or tails” game.  The monsters will slip a coin and record the results.  The “coin” has a shadow side and now shadow side!
We will play a spin and graph game and roll and color!  
It’s an afternoon of groundhog learnin’!
Click the picture to get your groundhog day freebie pack!
And of course, it’s Friday Monday, so it’s Foodie Fun Friday  Monday!  And it’s a groundhog themed snack!
To make the snack you need:  pudding cups, Oreos, Vanilla Wafers and a little tube of black gel icing.  
The students crumble the Oreo on top of the pudding.  The student (or teacher) can add eyes and a nose to the vanilla wafer and stick in the dirt.  Super fun and yummy!
Of course, we will be doing our word study all week and working on our blending.  That is a big focus for us right now.  We will be doing a number chart to review numbers.   The chart is a laminated poster with the name of the number, tally marks, ten frame, the number before and after.  We will use this daily to 1-20 as our math review.  
This week our centers come from my new Super Bowl creation!  This creation includes addition, subtraction, ten frames, numbers, write the room, CVC words, beginning, middle and ending sounds, writing and art!  Are you ready for some football!??
We will kick off a week of learning about our teeth!  This makes me want to sing the Lady Gaga song, “Show Me Your Teeth!”  (um the video is wow…just sayin!)  
We will read Arthur’s Tooth.  After reading we will complete our story map. We’re working hard to build our skills at setting and plot (problem/solution, events, etc).  We always thing the setting is inside or outside so we’re trying to build on those skills. 
In math, we are going to work on numbers today.  I made a fun Hershey kiss game that the monsters will play.  It’s a simple spinner game using ten frames.  They will spin the spinner and color the kiss!
You can get a free copy on the freebies page!
As part of our “Show me your teeth week” we will make a chart about taking care of our teeth.  We will add to that chart as the week progresses!
Our craftivity for the day (um, you know we have to do one…)  is the tooth fairy!  I found this great craftivity at First Grade Fever!  She has a great tooth fairy pack that we will be using all week!  Check it out!
How cute are these!  I can’t wait to make them!!!!!!
HUMP DAY!  We will read Moose’s Loose Tooth (a favorite!)  and complete a chart about the tooth fairy.  We will do a tree map for can/have/are for the tooth fairy.  After we do our chart whole group, the monsters will complete their own tree map.  
We will brainstorm our thoughts (oooo I am so stoked about this..) about the tooth fairy does with our teeth when he takes them!!  I can’t wait to see what they come up with!!!!!!!!  
In math we are going to work on the skill of making 10!  We have hit this a few times but the next three days will be all about making 10!  We will be using my Snappin’ Numbers Creation to help us learn with Lego’s!  Who doesn’t love Lego’s?!
The monsters will use lego’s to demonstrate ways to make 10!  We will do this simply by having red and blue Lego’s.  They will count 10 Lego’s and we will make a chart of the different combinations we came up with to make 10.  The monsters will complete an independent practice page.
As our “show me your teeth” week continues, we will add to our good teeth care chart and we will label a tooth fairy!  
Our craftivity comes from A Cupcake For The Teacher!
How cute is this?!

Today we will read The Tooth Book and complete a story map.  We will add to our good teeth chart as part of our “show me your teeth”  week!  We will also create a tree map for dentists.  Dentists can/have/are!  I am curious to see what the monsters think about the dentist.  Trust me.  I HATE THE DENTIST!  HATE IT.  Sedation is a good thing.
In math, we will be working on making 10.  We will continue with our Lego’s.  Today I will ask the students to count a number of red Lego’s and see if we can determine how many more blue Lego’s  we need to make 10.  YIKES!  I’m nervous about this but I know the monsters can do it!  Or we will sure try are hardest!  
Today we will get to have some messy messy fun!!!  I found this super awesome art project on Pinterest!  I can’t wait to do this!!!!!!  We will use regular toothbrushes to paint with!  Hello messy!!  Just what I like!  

Hello Friday!  We will wrap up our “show me your teeth” week with the book Alice The Fairy!  I know it’s not a tooth fairy but it’s a fairy and it’s fun!  We will complete a story map after reading the story.
In math we will be assessing our ability to make 10.  The monsters will complete an assessment page from Snappin Numbers.  I am anxious to see how they do!  This will give us a good basis as we move into decomposing numbers!
And of course, no special week is complete without a hat.  We will be making a tooth and toothbrush hat!  Stay tuned for the pieces!  I am working on them!
Friday also means, Foodie Friday Fun!  
Today we will be using apples, peanut butter and mini marshmallows to make a mouth!  YUMMY!
And that’s another kindergarten smogasboard week of fun and learning!
This week we will also be working on the medial sound in CVC words!  We will be working on compound words!  We will be doing our word study (which is going glitterific-ly well!)  Speaking of word study, I found these amazing glitter notebooks from Glitter Meets Glue!  So you get a freebie!  Visit my freebies page to get your notebook labels!
And don’t forget!  It’s a SUPER sale at Teachers Pay Teachers!  Use the code SUPER to get 28% off my store!  Stock up those carts with fun, engaging and common core aligned creations!  

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