November 11th Wednesday Centers!

HUMP DAY!!!  Holy cow, this week is slow!  My ‘staches have been a little bonkers this week…they’re making Mr. Greg stress out!  But despite the craziness, we’re learning and being productive!  It’s time for our weekly round up of the centers we’re using this week!  We have rolled out our Thanksgiving centers and they’re a huge hit!    I love center time because the ‘staches are so engaged…I can work with groups and individuals…and it’s so much fun!!!!  
Thanksgiving feast beginning sounds puzzles!!  

Feather sounds!  This has been a popular choice this week!  ‘Staches choose a feather, say the sound and color the feather with the corresponding picture!!  

Gobble Gobble Missing Letters!  It’s so great watching them use the alphabet line in the classroom to figure out the missing letters.  You also hear them saying the alphabet a lot! 
This is another popular center!  What sound is in the pocket?!  They’re loving putting sounds in the pockets!  This is from my friend Teaching With Grace!

Spin and graph Thanksgiving sounds!
Thanksgiving word hunt!  Shake…find…read…write!  Another hugely popular and noisy center!!!!  Noise=engaged!  Click the picture to see my original post about the word jar and get the free recording sheets!
Clip and count!  

Counting Turkeys!

Collecting some data!  Spin and graph!

Turkey ten frame match-up!  A perfect pocket chart center!

Count the room!!  This is a hugely poplular center!  If I would let them, every ‘stache would do this center every time!  
If you want this FREEBIE, click the picture!

I am so partial to this ten frame set…it features my fury baby, Butters!  The CEO of The Kindergarten Smorgasboard!  The ‘staches love these because they love Butters!  click the picture to get your freebie!
And of course, this tech geek needs technology in centers every week.  QR Codes are the best thing EVER!  The ‘staches love using them…I love making them…they’re engaging and can be used in so many ways!   And with our two new iPod Touches…we can really rock out QR codes!
QR Codes for letters and sounds!  This center is so versatile!  It can be used for letters and sounds!  Uppercase letters…lowercase letters…pictures and sounds or sounds and pictures!!  

They scan the code and count the pictures and write the numbers!

This is my favorite iPad app!  They get tons of practice segmenting and blending CVC words!  It can be used for blends too!!!!  And when they correctly build the word, they get to draw for 30 seconds before the next word!!!  
These centers are available in these common core creations!

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