Morning Meeting With Numbers

Happy Monday!  Did Monday whoop up on anyone else today?!  My ‘staches were great and we got a lot accompolished but…man…Monday wore me out!

Today I want to share a simple, fun and free (or uber cheap….um, who doesn’t love cheap?!) morning message greeting that gets us up and moving and builds our number recognition!

All you need is some address labels, a marker and some students!

Program a sheet of sticky labels with numbers.  
Place a label on each child.
Start the greeting by greeting a child.  Instead of saying their name, greet them with the number.  “Good morning 11!”  
After you greet the student, you take their place and they choose a friend to greet by number.  Continue until all students have been greeted.
My ‘staches giggled and laughed all during our greeting today.  They were engaged, learning numbers and having fun!  
This greeting can also be used for shapes, ten frames, letters, sounds and so much more!  
And now a little freebie…
So, sometimes Mr. Greg forgets…things tend to slip my mind..like the fact that it was a new month and we needed calendar numbers!  OOPS!  So we did without calendar numbers today…but now we have some because I just made some!  Feel free to download a set for yourself!
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