Mustache Goodness!

I’m alive!!  I’ve been down with infection-aggedon for 3 days.  True story.  I got all achy and sneezy starting on Saturday and it was downhill from there.  Sinus infection and an upper respiratory infection We had a snow day (not a snow day because…um…no snow ever fell..LOL) and I have been home Tuesday and today.  In the recliner.  We call it our sick chair.  Finally today I have energy and feel like I am alive!  I can’t wait to get back to school tomorrow and see the ‘staches!!!

And now…onto the mustache goodness.  Ya’ll know how I love the mustache?!  Right?!  Well in case you missed it…I kinda have an obsession with all things mustache.  I just think they’re super fun and cute!   They’re everywhere…on my shirts, my shoes, my socks, my unmentionables, my ink pens, all over my classroom!  I even have mustache ice cube trays and mustache kleenex!    You just can’t have too many mustaches!

A few months ago, my friends at Creative Teaching Press contacted me and asked me if I would like to work with them on a secret project involving mustaches.  UM, YES!  Secret?!  And Mustaches?!  I’m so in.  So after signing a confidentiality agreement I was given the privilege of getting a sneak peek at the new line of mustache products CTP was about to release!  People, do you know how hard it was for me to keep that secret?!?!  And then they sent me some samples of the products…that box sat in my office just begging…BEGGING…to be shown to the world! I’m pretty sure that box was taunting me every time I sat at my desk!   But I couldn’t do it.  And then the CTP catalog hit the mail and people started blowing up my phone and Facebook and Instagram with these wonderful mustache products that I just had to have.  And still…I had to keep my secret.  Little did ya’ll know, I had my hands on those awesome products for a while and got to use them in my new classroom!  So, here’s what I did with these awesome products!!

These new products are so stinkin’ great!  They have borders, cut outs, stickers, folders, labels and cards!  I mean, seriously, how cute are they?!

I was very excited about the folders because we just re-started our writing lessons and are making a huge push to become great writers!  These folders are going to be our new writing folders.  I took the stickers and placed for mustache stickers on the folder and put four the of stickers with quotes to give the ‘staches some motivation!  Motivational mustaches?  YES PLEASE!

CTP also shared some of their awesome chevron products with me so I took some of the mustache cut outs and glued them to the corners to make our new mustache message board!  This hangs outside of our door with our schedule and class list posted for all to see!
The mustache cut outs are so fun and cute…and so versatile and useful!  
We have these fun frames in our classroom to display our work.  I took the mustache cut outs and glued them to the corner of the frames!  Now we mustache you to see our amazing work!

The cutouts also add a fun little spark to my daily work drawers!!!

AND the cutouts make GREAT pointers!  I just hot glued the cut outs onto dowel rods and we now have mustache pointers!!!
I also got to re-do all of my bulletin boards with new mustache borders!!!  TRUE STORY!
CTP has showcased the mustaches with red accents and it looks great…but I had blue and green glitter wrapping paper so I put the mustaches with that sparkly paper and BAM!  It looks so good!  
Here’s the deal on this glitter wrapping paper…it was 75% off at Wal-Mart.  After I started working with it, I know why.  There was nothing holding the glitter to the paper.  So every time I hoisted the paper to the board, a shower…no…a deluge of glitter rained down on me.  I was covered from head to toe.  It was in my nose, my mouth and even my ears.  And it piled up on the floor.  For days and weeks afterwards, the glitter was tracked all over the school by little feet.  But seriously…mustaches and glitter and I’m in heaven!
My new classroom actually has wall space!!  
I took the leftover border and used it to make some dedicated display areas for our awesome work!  

A HUGE THANK YOU TO MY FRIENDS AT CREATIVE TEACHING PRESS for giving me the opportunity to work with these amazing mustache products!!!!  They made my new room look mustach-acular!  
And in case you wondering just how awesome these products are, the CEO of The Kindergarten Smorgasboard gives his paw print of approval!

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