Alphabet Countdown! (UPDATED!)

Happy Tuesday!  Who else is a little freaked out about the end of the school year???  I know…5 more Mondays and counting down to summer…but honestly, I am a little freaked out that it’s almost over and I feel like we have so much to do!!!  Anyways…

I always celebrate the end of the year with an alphabet countdown!  We start with z and work our way to a.  Each day we celebrate the letter of the day with a fun art project, snack, dress up day or other crazy activity!

click the picture to download your copy of our celebrations!
A-apples-we eat apples
B-Bubbles-we go outside and blow bubbles!
C-cookie day!  Everyone brings in cookies and we chow down!
D-doughnuts-Mr. Greg brings us doughnuts!
E-Elphants-Elephant art project
F-Finger Paint and Fruit-we do finger painting and eat fruit!
G-GLITTER!  We get glitter bombed!
H-HAT DAY!  We get to wear hats!
I-Icre cream party!
J-jump rope!  We go outside and jump rope!
K-we making king crowns!
L-Luau!  We will be having a fun luau!
M-Mustaches!  We will make mustaches, wear mustaches and just have a big mustache day!
N-Noodle Newt!  We make a newt out of noodles!
O-Ostrich!  We make an ostrich!
P-picnic!  We bring a lunch and enjoy a nice picnic outside!
Q-The wedding of Q and U!

R-Rainbows!  I turn the ‘staches loose with art supplies and they create rainbows!
S-Sunglasses!  We wear sunglasses!
T-Thank you!  We write thank you notes to people who have helped us learn!
U-Umbrella!  We bust out the art supplies to create umbrellas!
V-Violet-everyone wears purple
W-Western Day-A real cowboy visits and we all dress like cowboys and cowgirls
X-X-Change autographs!  
Y-Yellow-we all wear yellow!
Z-Zebras!  We make a zebra!
And that’s our alphabet countdown!  If you would like a free autograph book for your class, click the picture to download yours!  I included cover pages for Pre-K-2nd  grade and made it editable so you can include your school name!
If you do an alphabet countdown, what ideas can you share?

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