Happy Hump Day!  Today was a big day for us!  We kicked off our end of the year countdown with the letter z.  Some of us were a little distraught to realize that after the letter A in 26 days, we have to leave Mr. Greg.  And some of us…I mean me.
I love these carrot sight words!!!!!  Perfect for spring!  Click the picture to snag your freebie and read more about the activity!

Ball Pit subtraction is a hit.  We did this fun subtraction activity as a whole group activity last week and now it’s a center!  And it’s a hit.  They’re so engaged they don’t even know they’re subtracting.  I’m sneaky like that..
Click the picture to get a free recording sheet!

This is the best app ever!  You touch a square and the square reveals a number!  I created the recording sheet.  Find the number and color.  This app also has addition, subtraction, pictures and patterns!  And it’s FREE!  It’s called Counting Board!
Click the picture to get your recording sheet.

Fuzzy Subtraction!  We love these little guys!  Head over to the freebies page to get your set of fuzzy subtraction puzzles!

Add some sight word cards, some Scentos markers and BAM!  Instant sight word center!  And it smells good!  Click the picture go get your recording sheet!

I mean, come on, how epic is this?  $9 pool.  Reading Center.  And yes, he’s reading a non-fiction book from American Reading Company.  We have a bunch of their books and my ‘staches LOVE every one of them.  I guess I’m gonna have to get more of the books!  Seriously…non-fiction books and a plastic pool…

Tally marks!  QR codes.  Animals.  BAM!  Head over to the FREEBIES page to get your Jungle Animal Tally Marks FREEBIE!

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