Miss Nelson Is Missing Activity

Happy Monday!  I hope ya’ll had a great day.  People, I got so sleepy after lunch…I think it was because we couldn’t go outside…we GoNoodled but I still could have curled in our plastic swimming pool and napped!

Today I want to share a fun activity that I did with my little ‘staches as part of our big back to school push about rules, procedures, friendship and behavior.  I found this idea from Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten.  We used one of my all time favorite books:  Miss Nelson Is Missing to help us talk about what we wanted from our teacher!  People, I have loved this book ever since I was a kid.  It’s a classic.  And Miss Nelson works at the SMEDLEY school….just sayin’  It was destined to be a legend…
We read the book and then we talk about what happened.  We talk about why Miss Nelson left and mean Miss Swamp came.  Then we talk about if we want Miss Swamp to come to our room.  Of course it’s a resounding NO!  
This is when I talk to the kids about my feelings and how I get upset sometimes when they’re rude or disrespectful.  We also talk about how I might get upset with them or I might raise my voice but I still love them.  And I always tell them there is nothing they could do that would make not love them!  
Then we describe Miss Nelson and Miss Swamp.
And then…this is a huge boost to your ego…and a great reminder for the rest of the year…I have my ‘staches describe and what kind of teacher they want me to be!
I am a super teacher…sweet…cute, lovely and pretty!  I’ll take it!
And finally, we make a picture of Miss Swamp!

You can provide templates for Miss Swamp or do a directed art project by directing students to cut out a triangle for the body, a circle for the head and 2 rectangles for the legs.  For the hands and feet, it’s just a circle cut in half!  The hair is scraps of paper!
We had a blast with Miss Nelson is missing today!   People, for reals, I love my job!!

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