Community Building With Adjectives

BRRRRR!  People, I moved to the south so I didn’t have to be this cold.  Here’s hoping for a cold day tomorrow!!!
Today I want to share a fun way to build classroom community as well as work on adjectives.  It’s a perfect activity at the beginning of a new year.  And did I mention fun?!

This activity is great for interactive whiteboards, but if you don’t have an IWB you can use a whiteboard or even white butcher paper.
We start the lesson by discussing the importance of friendship and how it makes us feel when people say nice words about us.  Then we discuss adjectives as describing words.  We give some examples of adjectives!
Each student gets a turn being described by their friends.  As we share adjectives, I write the words on the smartboard.    Then I save the file and print a copy for each student. I also take a picture with my camera and print a copy for the ‘staches.
The great thing about this lesson, is that the adjectives are very true for each of the ‘staches.  Some of the words are pretty generic across each student.  But DogPound is very clever.  Clever is a perfect adjective for him!
This is the tallest ‘stache in our classroom so “tall” is the perfect adjective for her!

“Nice hair” is perfect for him because he normally has the biggest, spikiest mohawk!!!

How much fun is this lesson?  This ‘stache totally acted out every adjective.  When someone said “pretty hair” she started styling her hair!
The best part of this lesson:  the look on each face when they got to be the center of attention and hear so many nice things said for them!  
And don’t worry, Mr. Greg didn’t get left out!

They know me too well.
This activity could be easily adapted for all grade levels by incorporating a writing component and pushing for more specific and powerful adjectives!
And now, The Kindergarten Smorgasboard is thrilled to introduce the newest member of our family.
Meet LuLu, the President of The Kindergarten Smorgasboard!
LuLu is a 7 year old GoldenDoodle.  Her parents got a divorce and the mom worked and traveled all the time so she wanted her to have a home where she would have company.  Butters, the CEO is thrilled to have a doggie to play with!

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