Schedulin Sunday: 100th Day

I am sitting in the airport en route to Brenham Texas for a day of working with teachers!!!  I am super excited!  I wanted to share some fun 100th day activities with you since we celebrate the 100th day of school on Wednesday!

We read Miss Bindergarten and compare and contrast out 100th day to the 100th day in the book!

I label 100 Hershey Kisses and hide them around the classroom.  We WALK around and find the kisses.  We say the number and color the number on our chart!   Here’s my tip:  don’t hide them too hard…you end up missing a few…and that means they hang out in your room for eternity.  GROSS!  

OF course we make a 100th day hat.  Each ‘stache gets 10 strips.  On each strip they put 10 things.  We use stickers, stamps, finger prints, letters, numbers, googly eyes.  Anything small enough to fit 10 on the strips of paper.  Then I staple the 10 strips on.  100th day hat!  (I have created strips with 10 boxes to help make sure we get 10 items on each strip!  The hat is in my 100th Day Fiesta Creation!)

We also do a lot of 100th day writing.  We write 100 words.  To do this, we have 10 categories and in each category we write 100 words.  We work on this throughout the day.  I have chart labels in my 100th Day Fiesta creation.  We do books, sight words, names, colors, cars, candy, etc.  
We also write about the things we want 100 of and things we would not want to have 100 of.  HILARIOUS!
We also do a 100th day memory book (100th Day Fiesta Creation).  I print the pages for the activities and things we do on the 100th day.  Each ‘stache writes in their book and illustrates the book.  This is the calming event at the end of the day to bring things back to our regular level of chaos!!  More literacy connections to the 100th day.  See…you can party all day and meet common core standards!!  
We also do 100 excercises!  TRUE STORY!  At random moments in the day, I stop everything and say 100 JUMPING JACKS!  We do 100.  I might say sit ups, high fives, claps, etc.  More hilarity and sweaty kids!  Hello stinky 100th day.
Yes, we dress up.  This year I am stepping up my 100th day outfit.  You will want to see this Wednesday!  GET READY!  (I just hope I don’t scare any of the ‘staches!)

 AND we have 100 snacks.  We get 10 of each snack!  
Counting by 10s and snacks??!  Common Core standards can be yummy!
Here is a fun math center freebie for your 100th day celebration!
Granny ten frame cards.  Hello glitter and GOLDEN GIRLS!
Just click the picture to get your freebie!
Here are some 100th day creations!  
100th Day Fiesta is all the things you need to have a 100th day fiesta!  Activities and decorations!
Granny Turns 100 is great granny themed centers perfect for the 100th day!!

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