GIANT Subtraction

Howdy folks!!!!  Today I’m sharing two fun ways we’ve been practicing subtraction this week.
We’re working hard on this complicated thing called taking away…but we’re getting there!  Especially with our fun, hands on and engaging GIANT SUBTRACTION lessons.
I mean who doesn’t love something SUPER SIZED?!?!?!?!
You can get your dice and cards at Amazon!  Just click the links below!

Each ‘stache got a turn being the “dealer” and they dealt two cards.  We wrote our equation and made sure the BIGGER number went first!  Then we subtracted!   

With our dice, we got to take turns ROLLING the dice!  We wrote our subtraction equations making sure the bigger number went first!
These work with regular size dice and playing cards too!  And now they’ll make super fun math centers!
You can snag the free recording sheets by clicking on the pictures to go to the FREEBIES page!
If you’re looking for more math fun with playing cards..and GLITTER cards at that….check out my Dealing With Math Creation!
(Skills included:  addition, subtraction, counting on, place value, greater than less than and more!)

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