Centers Ideas for September

Happy Wednesday!  Wednesday can only mean 1 thing:  WEDNESDAY CENTERS!   
It’s your peek into what we’ve been working on in our center/workstation/hippopotamus time!
If you want more info on how I run my hippos, you can check out my center management post!
Clip the sound!  Beginning sounds and a little fine motor work!  

Building CVC Words!   This is a great into to CVC words!   And who doesn’t love playing with Scrabble tiles!?

Clip a sound!   Say the sound, clip the clothespin.  Sounds?  Yep.  Fine motor?  Yep!  

Clippin sight words!   Great for sight words.  Fine motor.  And after they build the sight word, they write the word with a smelly marker!   

Fire sounds!   Put out the fire by matching the house to the picture using your sounds!  

Sounds and graphing?!   BAM!  

Light table sounds!   Who doesn’t love learning sounds in the gentle glow of a DIY lightbox?!
(Click the picture for this freebie!)
Monster truck letters!   Zoomin on the down the road to letter recognition!

Pocket chart concentration!  Matching those letters!  (PS  Love the black pocket chart!)

Pumpkin CVC words!   Read the words.  Write the words.  Glitter pumpkins!

Spin a pumpkin sound!   

Differentiated Cubes!  Toss, say the word, color the sound!   
(Click the picture for this freebie!)

Smashing Pumpkins!   Count the seeds.  Match the number and yell SMASH!   What more could you ask for?!

Toss the bag.  Say the letter.  Color.   And if you’re having a bad day…you can take out the frustrations when you throw the bag!
(Click the picture for this freebie!)

Write the room.  Writing.  Vocabulary.  Movement!  BAM!

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