I’m back with another very simple math center/workstation/hippopotamus!
I saw this idea on Pinterest but unfortantely it was just a picture and no link to anywhere…so, this isn’t my original idea but I put my own little spin on the activity!
You need:
paper (or cardstock) in bright colors
I choose these dominos because they’re colorful.  And colorful is just more fun!   I ordered mine from Amazon because um, Amazon is amazing and it’s where I get everything!  (Click the picture to see the dominos on Amazon!)
Next, you need some paper or cardstock and a sharpie.  
And the hard part…write numbers 1-12 (or 0-12) on the paper.
And that’s it!  
Students choose a domino, count the dots and place the domino on the correct number!  BAM!
My plan for this hippopotamus is to become an addition activity!  When we’re working on addition in the spring, they will sort the dominos and on their paper they’ll have to write the equation!  
Not only is it simple…but it can be differentiated and it can be a step into another skill and standard!
Easy…multiple standards…and colorful!   BAM!
For more fun domino games, check out these links:

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  • Reply Kandace February 21, 2016 at 4:21 pm

    Hi There,
    As I was catching up on blogs recently, I saw a great smartboard daily review of skills. I was thinking it was from your classroom but I can't seem to find it. Was it you?
    Thanks for all that you do!

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