Schedulin’ Sunday: Pumpkins

schedulin sunday arctic animals

It’s pumpkin time and Schedulin’ Sunday!   It’s our first Schedulin’ Sunday on the fancy new Kindergarten Smorgasboard!   Hope ya like it!

This week is all about addition and pumpkins!    And as always you can download my lesson plans by clicking the image below!

screenshot-sep-23-20-04-24 screenshot-sep-23-20-03-59

The ‘staches will be using my Pumpkins Research creation this week (and next week) to learn all about pumpkins!


We kick off pumpkin week with our pumpkins schema map!

pumpkins schema map

The students will also do a tree map and learn the parts of a pumpkin using a brace map!


parts of pumpkin brace map

For Mad Science Friday we will experiment to see if a pumpkin will sink or float!

pumpkin sink or float

And for Foodie Fun Friday we will make mini pumpkin pies!

mini pumpkin pie

And fingerpaint pumpkins!

finger-paint-pumpkins finger paint pumpkins

We also have pumpkin centers and pumpkins in our sensory bin!

pumpkin sensory bin

pumpkin centers

Pumpkin books!

pumpkins books

For more pumpkin ideas, check out this blog posts:

Pumpkin Explosion

We are also continuing with word family bootcamp!   This week we’re learning OG and OP words!   We will make circle maps then we build words.  Finally we write word family words!



In math we’re working on addition.  Tuesday and Wednesday will be a fun whole group activity involving dump trucks and cheeseballs!   Each ‘stache will have 2 dump trucks.  I’ll have them put a number of cheeseballs in each dump truck and then they will “dump” the cheeseballs to add!   Thursday will be small group with addition!  (Stay tuned for a video and blog post about dump truck addition!)

And that’s our week!!!!


pumpkin emergent reader


pumpkins counting on

Here are the resources we’re using this week!


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