SmorgieVision: A Day In The Life October 2016

There is nothing more powerful than experiencing our classroom and teaching from the student perspective.  We all know how much we can learn from watching ourselves on video.  Imagine how much we can learn watching to from the student perspective!

We’re very blessed to have a GoPro camera in our classroom.  Throughout the year I like to strap the camera on all of my students and see our day through their eyes!   It’s such a great learning tool for me as a teacher.  Watching the videos from the GoPro have provided some powerful moments for me as a teacher.  Moments I would have missed without the camera.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to gain a new perspective on my teaching and our classroom.

And the kids love it!  They love wearing the camera and they love seeing the video they made!  By the way, prepare to see yourself in all kinds of unflattering moments!   Awkward dancing…strange positions…weird faces…it’s a practice in good self esteem!

Today’s official videographer is Xavier!   Enjoy his day (even his journey to get the daily snack!)

SmorgieVision:  Student Perspective Of Our Day

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