Martin Luther King: Schedulin’ Sunday

schedulin sunday arctic animals

Happy  Schedulin’ Sunday! This week we’re learning about Martin Luther King, arctic animals and subtraction!

And as always you can download my lesson plans by clicking the image below!

  kindergarten lesson plans

Martin Luther King

The ‘staches will be using my Martin Luther King research creation to research and write about MLK.  We will learn about what Martin stood for and all that he achieved.  The students will also share and write about how we can apply Martin’s message in our classroom, our school. and our community.

We will use brown and white eggs to help us understand diversity and how  we really are all the same and that we need to love everyone.   This is such a concrete lesson for our students and always becomes an amazing discussion and a moving experience for me and the ‘staches.   After the lesson, we will use the eggs to make scrambled eggs!


We read Martin’s Big Words and we work together as a team to make a collage of Martin’s Big Words!

At the end of the day we get this simple snack and talk about the importance of love, friendship and tolerance!    Because, we’re all different but we all matter.  We need to love BIG and spread kindness and tolerance everywhere we go.  Especially as adults.

   martin luther king

Click the image to get your free snack labels!


martin luther king

We are also continuing our arctic animal research project.  This week we’re learning all about seals and penguins!

arctic animals           penguin

Fooodie Fun Friday means a penguin snack using black olives, cream cheese, carrots and Town House crackers!


For information on penguins, check out this post!


This week we’re also continuing  Vowel Bootcamp!   We will spend 2 days on each vowel.  Day 1 will be a vowel sort for the long and short vowel song.  Day 2 will be reading magic e words using a circle map!

vowel bootcamp

I did a pre-assessment on short and long A and short and long o.   48% of my ‘staches could heard the two vowel sounds and about the same could read the words.   After two days of vowel bootcamp, 85% could hear the sounds and 90% could read the words!!   I was so pumped for them and so thrilled to see their growth!

vowel bootcamp


In math, we will be working on subtracting numbers to 10!

We will play GET OFF MY BOAT to practice subtraction!

Literally we make a boat on the floor using our Sit Spots tape.  We write an equation on the board.  People get on the boat.  Then we subtract and kick some people off our boat.  And that gives us the answer!

kindergarten subtraction

Check out this post to see this lesson in action!

Martin Luther King Freebies!

Snowy Math Freebie!

winter math

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