Decomposing Numbers and Pumpkins: Schedulin’ Sunday

This week we’re continuing  our Pumpkin Research Project and learning about word families as well as learning about decomposing numbers to 10!    Click the image to download my lesson plans!

decomposing numbers lesson plans

 This week we’re in week 2 of our Pumpkin Research project!  We spent the last week learning about pumpkins so this week it’s all about the pumpkin life cycle, pumpkin true and false and pumpkin adjectives!

pumpkins research project

As we continue  our pumpkin research project, we will review our schema map!   We will add some new learning and look at our schema to see if we have any misconceptions!

pumpkin schema map

 For the research part of our pumpkin research project, we do a read aloud and record all of our information on our thinking maps and class charts!  The students then record the information in their pumpkin research journal!  This week we’re doing a tree map and labeling the parts of a pumpkin with a brace map!


pumpkins kindergarten

The true/false sort is a great way to bring higher order thinking and critical thinking skills into the classroom!

We are reading these books this week:

We’re going to finger paint pumpkins and learning about mixing colors!

pumpkin art projects

Foodie Fun Friday:  Pumpkin Pie

For this week’s Foodie Fun Friday we’re making pumpkin pies!   Read the book The Perfect Pumpkin Pie and then make mini pumpkin pies! We use mini pie crusts, pumpkin pie filling and vanilla pudding!   We mix the pudding and the pie filling and put it in the pie crust and eat!

mini pumpkin pies pumpkin pie kindergarte


For more pumpkin fun check out this post!  (Tons of ideas, pictures and freebies!)

pumpkin activities

This week we continue with our TKS BOOTCAMP CURRICULUM and  WORD FAMILY BOOTCAMP and learn to use our sounds from ABC BOOTCAMP to read and write word families!   This is when we apply ABC BOOTCAMP to blending words and reading and writing words!

tks bootcamp curriculum

word families word family bootcamp

Word Family BOOTCAMP works a little differently than ABC BOOTCAMP in that we do each of the word families for 2 days instead of 1.  Day 1 is a circle map where we come up with words for the word families and day 2 is when we build the words and write the words.  We do 2 word families each week.  Friday is a word family sort for an assessment!

Check out this blog post to see a video of WORD FAMILY BOOTCAMP in action!

Pumpkin Freebies!

Visit our apple post to get all of these great freebies!

pumpkin freebies

pumpkins sight word reader

Math-Decomposing Numbers To 10

This week we are introducing decomposing numbers and number bonds.  We introduce decomposing numbers as a way to learn how numbers can break part.  This leads into subtraction where we take away!  We do lots of hands on activities for decomposing numbers and number bonds!  And we’re using our Snapping Numbers creation to practice decomposing numbers!

We start with a super fan Halloween math lesson called Ghost Bowling!   Make 10 ghosts using toilet paper rolls.  Add eyes to make ghosts.  Stack the ghosts up.  Students roll a ball.  Talk about how we made 10 by how many ghosts knocked down and how many are standing!   You can practice decomposing numbers by setting up any number of ghosts!

decomposing numbers

 We’re also using Legos to practice breaking numbers apart or decomposing!  The students will make a tower of Legos for a number.  Then they will break it apart and we’ll share the ways we made that number.

Day 3 is introducing number bonds.  We start with our giant floor number bond!  Use hula hoops and a Sharpie to draw a giant number bond on the floor.  Put students in the first circle.  Tell them to decompose and they move to the circles to decompose or break the number apart!

decomposing numbers

After this engaging and interactive whole group decomposing numbers lesson, we will do independent practice with decomposing numbers!

decomposing numbers with number bonds

For more decomposing numbers ideas and lessons and activities, check out this post!

decomposing numbers

 This week’s Mad Science Thursday is Floating Pumpkins!

This week’s Mad Science is all about floating and sinking!   We will make a hypothesis about whether pumpkins float or sink.  Then we place our pumpkin in water to test our hypothesis!

pumpkins float or sink

All of our science experiments are available in our Mad Science creation!

We’re also going to measure our height using pumpkins!  How many pumpkins tall are you?!

measuring pumpkins

These are the creations we are using in our classroom this week!

decomposing numbers lesson plans

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