Black History Month And Groundhog Day: Schedulin’ Sunday

kindergarten lesson plans

Happy  Schedulin’ Sunday! This week we are starting our Black History Month researching project by researching and writing about Rosa Parks, Wilma Rudolph, Ruby Bridges and Jackie Robinson!  We are also celebrating Groundhog Day  and counting money!   Can we say BUSY week?!

And as always you can download my lesson plans by clicking the image below!

kindergarten lesson plans

Black History Month Research Project

The ‘staches will be using my Black History Month research creation to research and write about 4 different American heroes.   We will learn about their life, what they had to endure and overcome and their experiences and what we can learn from each of these people.  For each person, we read a book and watch a video and use our learning to create a graphic organizer.  Then we write about the person in our research journal and do a directed  drawing of that person.   This research project contains suggested books, a fact sheet for each person as well as all the materials needed to create your research journal and graphic organizers!

black history month kindergarten

For more on our Black History Month research project, check out this post!

This week we are also celebrating Groundhog Day! We will be reading Groundhog Gets A Say  and doing lots of fun  activities using our Read It Up!: Groundhog Day creation!    We will learn facts and write about groundhogs and make a groundhog hat!  The ‘staches will predict if the groundhog will see his shadow and we’ll have a groundhog snack!

Groundhog Day lessons

groundhog day kindergarten

For more fun activities, lessons, art projects and ideas for Groundhog Day, check out this post!

This week we’re we are wrapping up  Vowel Bootcamp!   This week is u_e words.  We sort words by the short or long vowel sounds, we create a circle chart of words, we build words, we read and write words!  kindergarten vowels

vowel bootcamp

Check out this post for more on Vowel Bootcamp (and see a video of it in action!)!

kindergarten vowel lessons


In math, we are continuing our new money unit  We’re learning  about money!  This week we’re focused on counting money!  We will make a money counting book.  EAch page has a piggy bank and an amount and we will glue the correct coins into our piggy bank!  We’re also doing a culminating task by building a money man or money girl!  The students will draw a stick person and use coins for the head, hands, feet and body.  Then we count the coins to see how much our person is worth!

money kindergarten lesson plans

kindergarten money activities

Money Books:

Groundhog Day Freebies!

If you’re celebrating the 100th day of school this week, check out this post and these creations!

100th day of school tshirt

100th day of school activities

Resources For The Week:

black history month lesson plans

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