End Of The Year: Schedulin Sunday

People, this is it!  It is the last Schedulin’ Sunday of the 2017-2018 school year.  This year has flown by!   And let me just say…it has been an amazing year with an amazing group of ‘staches.  This year was the year of the Frat House with 16 boys and 5 girls so it was a new experience for me to teach mostly boys!   And now it’s time to bring this year to a close and celebrate the end of the year in a fun, hands on and engaging way!
So, with that said…here’s to an amazing last week with my class and another week of fun and learning and more Frat House antics!
And no lesson plans this week…because…it’s the last week!  But don’t worry!  The learning hasn’t stopped!  In fact we have a couple of more planets to visit as part of our space research project!
BUT did you know that you can download my entire year of lesson plans by clicking this image below?!
kindergarten blog

We are wrapping up our space research project this week!

kindergarten space unit
Also this week we spend some time reflecting and writing about our year in kindergarten, about Mr. Greg and our favorite part of kindergarten!   These get saved and used for our bulletin board for back to school!
Sang your freebies!

And we have some fun with cookies and crazy hair…dogs and doughnuts and bubbles and apples!

Dogs and Doughnuts!

We eat doughnuts and finally the Doodles get to come visit the ‘staches!

Cookie Graphing!

The kids bring in their favorite Oreos and everyone eats all the Oreos!  Then we vote for our favorite and graph the results!
kindergarten end of the year ideas
And we eat cookies with crazy hair!
end of the year


We experiment to see who can blow bubbles and we graph the results!  And of course we get to have a bubble party!
kindergarten graphing

We revisit our name writing!  Way back on the first day of school, each of the ‘staches wrote their name.  And now, 180 days later, we do it again to see how far we’ve come in kindergarten!

kindergarten name writing

And the very last thing we do as Mr. Greg’s Mustaches is read the book I Knew You Could!   At the end of the book we dismiss for summer and begin our journey as first graders.  (And yes this book makes you cry a lot!  So be prepared!)

End Of The Year Resources And Ideas

For ideas for your end of the year celebration and to get some FREE and EDITABLE class awards, check out this post:

And of course, we’re still rocking our centers so we’ll be using these resources this week because I keep my kids in the most normal routine as possible to keep them calm and eliminate some of the chaos!

end of the school year ideas

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