Kindergarten Camping Theme

Who loves camping?   I love the idea of camping but if it’s more than one night, count me out.  Unless we’re talking glamping…then I’m all in!   So why not bring that love of camping into the classroom with a kindergarten camping theme?  Using our Camping Research Project we learned all about camping, s’mores and more!

kindergarten camping theme

First, we had to set the scene in the classroom.  This means we set up a kindergarten camp site!

camping kindergartenkindergarten camping

And if you’re going to camp, you have to have an outhouse!

And yes, we sat by the campfire and worked!   You can find this campfire video on YouTube!

The tent, astro turf and fire came from Amazon!  The picnic table is from Ikea!

As with all of our research projects we start with a schema map!  The students share their schema or what they know about camping!  As we learn about camping we add new learning to the schema map!

kindergarten camping themekindergarten camping

We do some camping research using read alouds and create a tree map about camping!

S’mores anyone?!  We learn how to make s’mores and sequence the process.  Then we make s’mores using graham crackers, marshmallow creme and chocolate!

We also do some fun camping art projects!

  camping art projects

And of course we have camping themed math and literacy centers!

Swattin Flies is available in our Swattin Flies Sight Word Creation.  We also have a Swattin Flies Addition And Subtraction creation!


Kindergarten Camping Theme Book Suggestions:

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