Classroom Reveal: 2018-2019

IT’S HERE!  Our 2018-2019 classroom reveal!   We are so excited to share our classroom with you and hope to inspire you to try flexible seating and maybe give you an idea or two for your own classroom!  You’re going to see a kid friendly classroom with lots of blank space for student work, lots of open space for collaboration, flexible seating and FUN!  What you won’t see is a 100% coordinated room that is Pinterest worthy.  BUT for those of you who have those beautiful rooms (I’m a tad envious of your talent…) GO YOU!!!!   I love all classrooms so the Pinterest perfect rooms and the not Pinterest ready rooms…YOU DO YOU!!!!!!!   NO JUDGEMENTS!

Classroom Reveal

kindergarten classroom design

This year we went with a simple two color theme:  green and orange!  The green and orange was inspired by our amazing new classroom rug from our friends at Alive Studios!

classroom reveal

Here is our classroom stage!  This is where our whole group lessons happen such as calendar and shared reading!  The stage gets used a lot by me and the kids.  It’s used for instruction and as a seating choice!   Also notice the alphabet and number line on the wall.  And how XYZ goes down the wall.  Someday classrooms will be built with actual teaching in mind!  hehe  You can find the green and orange decor set on our TKS store!

Here is our new classroom rug!  This is our whole group instruction area.  We all gather here for morning meeting, closing circle and dance parties and our mini-lessons such as ABC BOOTCAMP!   The rug features the animals from the software Letters Alive Plus from Alive Studios.  And when you use the free app to scan the logo on the carpet, the Zoo Crew Alphabet Song will play!   Yep.  Even our carpets now have technology!

kindergarten classroom ideas

Small Group Instruction Area

guided reading kindergarten

This is our small group area.  This is where we do guided reading, guided math and one on one instruction!  This year I purged a lot of the stuff behind my table and am working on being more organized and intentional!  But check back in a month and we’ll see how that goes!   This area contains all of my materials and supplies for teaching.

flexible seating in kindergarten

This is the view from my small group table.  I can see every part of the classroom so no sneaky business can happen!  (RIGHT! LOL!)

Our Classroom

sensory learning

Here you see our Instagram board which is used to post classroom pictures.  We post thematic pictures so our first set will be the first day of school pictures of the kids!  You also see our light box which is used during centers.  And you see one of our seating areas  featuring a high top table and two high chairs!  This is a perfect area for the kids to read and work but also for me to do my ESGI assessments!  The table and chairs are from Wal-Mart.  The orange rug is from Amazon.  The light box is a DIY project.

reading center

This is our reading nook featuring Gerdy Giraffe from Alive Studios as well our DIY sensory chair.  This year we removed our plastic swimming pool and will be adding a giant fluffy dog bed for the kids to read on.  We also placed our stuffed animals in the nook for the kids to read to!

This is another seating area in the classroom.  This is the one table in our room for students who want the option.  And of course, our iconic mustache rug.  The original rug was looking gross so I ordered a new one and ordered this giant carpet!  OOPS!

word wall

Our word wall is magnetic so it’s interactive.  We use magnet dots from Amazon along with our sentence strip sight word cards.  As we learn new words during Sight Word 60, they are added to the word wall!

With flexible seating, we use community supplies!  The clear plastic containers are from Amazon and can be found here.

Here is our classroom!!!!

Now, check out this classroom reveal video:

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classroom reveal

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