Classroom Setup: 2019-2020 Classroom Reveal

This year our classroom setup looks a bit different! First, our 40 year old carpet was removed! No more dust and gross carpet. Our floor is now entirely tile. This make the room look bigger, more open and airy. And hopefully this new floor will keep it clean. The second change is that we’ve relocated our guided reading area. For all the details, keep reading!

Classroom Setup: Whole Group Area

Our whole group area is centered at the front of the room in front our stage, smart board and easel. This is where we do ABC BOOTCAMP, read alouds for Read It Up and play games! Our days start here with morning meeting and end here with a dance party!

For more on our classroom stage, click the image!

The rug for our whole group area is a Rugs Alive from Alive Studios! The rug features augmented reality technology that brings the zoo animals to life using the app! Visit our friends at Alive Studios for more details!

Classroom Setup: Guided Reading/Small Group Areas

For the last 4 years, our guided reading table and small group area was located in the corner of the room in front of some built in shelves. This year when thinking of our classroom set up, I wanted to reduce my physical footprint in the classroom so that more of the classroom space was available to the kids. After all, it’s their room. So we moved the table from the corner and reduced my stuff to some drawers and 4 cubbies! Now the shelves are open for our center materials such as write the room, props, etc.

Classroom Setup: Student Areas

Our classroom is all about the kids so we have lots of different areas. We have a light box, sensory bins, the word wall and new this year is a cozy reading area.

We also got this amazing new shelf from National Business Furniture. I love the storage and the fact that it’s on wheels means we can move the shelf to open up the room even more! Use our promo code KINDER10 to save 10% on a purchase at NBF! #MyNBFStyle #Ad/#Sponsored

In our classroom we use community supplies! Here are our supplies:

This year we added a #happyclassrooms sign to our classroom. We are so committed to the mission of #happyclassrooms and teachers using their voices to tell the stories of all the amazing things happening in our schools. We want this daily reminder in our classroom so we keep telling our stories.

For more on #happyclassrooms visit this post!

Classroom Setup: A Video Tour

For more details on our classroom, visit these posts:

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The classroom decor set we used is a simple green and orange set! Grab it below!

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