Names: Schedulin Sunday

Happy Schedulin’ Sunday! It’s time to kick off ABC BOOTCAMP! I love this time of year because we start BOOTCAMP and get to see the amazing growth and excitement that comes with Bootcamp! This week we’re continuing Number Bootcamp and working on names, friendship and of course focused on procedures and routines!

Names: Lesson Plans

As always, you can download our weekly lesson plans here:

Names: Chrysanthemum

This week we will read Chrysanthemum and work on names using Read It UP:  Chrysanthemum!  We will write our names every day, we will make torn paper names and we will graph our names!  

kindergarten name lessons

We will read, spell and graph our names by how many letters are in our names!

To build name recognition and fine motor skills, we will make torn paper names. Students will tear pieces of paper to spell their name!

For more details on this name lesson, check out this post!

We also play the Name Game daily! This is a fun and fast name recognition game. Simply create a PowerPoint with the student’s names on slides. When their name pops up, they stand up and sit down quickly!

Click the image to get your free PowerPoint file!


This week we kick off ABC BOOTCAMP! ABC BOOTCAMP is the research-based curriculum we created to help students learn letters and sounds in 26 days! This week we are learning A-E. For each letter, we make a circle chart, a hat and do explicit handwriting instruction.

This year, we are excited to use a special edition of ABC BOOTCAMP!! This year we are using the brand new ZOO KEEPER ABC BOOTCAMP from our friends at Alive Studios. This version of ABC BOOTCAMP is EXACTLY the same as our 5 themes but features the zoo animals from Alive Studios. ZooKeeper ABC BOOTCAMP is only available with the purchase of a Letters Alive Kit from Alive Studios. But don’t worry, you can purchase ABC BOOTCAMP in any of the 5 themes from our TKS Store or TPT!

Alive Studios will have all the details of ZooKeeper ABC Bootcamp on their website soon. Check back to their website for all the details!


For more on ABC BOOTCAMP, visit this post!

Rules And Procedures

This week we are also focused on rules, procedures and routines. My favorite book to read when discussing rules and consequences is Miss Nelson Is Missing! After reading the story, we compare Miss Nelson and Miss Swamp and discuss who we want to be our teacher!

After reading Miss Nelson, I have the students tell me what kind of teacher they want me to be! This serves as a powerful reminder to me of what my students expect of me. I have expectations for them and they have expectations for me!

As part of discussions about our teacher and our classroom we also share our hopes and dreams for kindergarten! This is where the students share what they want to learn in kindergarten! I use these hopes and dreams as we plan the year so we can incorporate as many of the ideas as possible. To kick off or hopes and dreams lesson, we read the book Big Plans and then we talk about our big plans for kindergarten!

For more on our hopes and dreams lessons, check out this post!

Sight Word Reader

This week we are reading our first sight word reader (emergent reader!) These are a shared reading activity that we use each week to build reading skills and fluency as well as confidence in our readers! Grab your free reader here:

Math: Ten Frames And Counting

This week in math we are continuing NUMBER BOOTCAMP with numbers 5-9.

Ten Frames!

This week we introduce ten frames! Monday and Tuesday we focus on one to one correspondence and then we introduce ten frames!

We read Ten Pigs: An Epic Bathtub Adventure!

After reading the story, we count by placing pigs in the tub. Monday we do this as a whole group lesson. Tuesday we do it as individuals!

To introduce ten frames, we use SitSpots strips (or tape) to make a giant ten frame on the floor. We toss a bean bag onto a tree with numbers. We say the number and use plates to count using a ten frame!

Students then use individual ten frames to practice counting!

For more on Number Bootcamp, visit this post:

Foodie Fun Friday

This week we will use wafer cookies and icing to make a pencil snack!

For more lessons, ideas, FREE FILES and first week activities, check out these posts:

Weekly Creations

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