Alphabet Recognition Games

Letter recognition is key to our students success and is a great skill to focus on in the beginning of the year. In our classroom, we explicitly and systematically teacher letters and sounds using our ABC BOOTCAMP curriculum. But we also need fun, hands on, alphabet recognition games to practice what we learn during ABC BOOTCAMP! That’s why we created these two alphabet recognition games that can be used in small groups and centers!

Alphabet Recognition Games: Connect 4

alphabet recognition games

Who doesn’t love a good game of Connect 4? The game itself is great for critical thinking and problem solving. I like the format to make matching games for various skills. Since we’re talking about alphabet recognition games, I made an uppercase and lowercase matching game using Connect 4.

First, I used red and yellow dot stickers to label the game pieces with uppercase and lowercase letters. (I use the dots so we can remove them and make a new game later!)

Students simply choose a piece, drop it in the game board. Then they find the corresponding uppercase or lowercase letter and drop it in. This can be played alone or with a partner. Students can also name the letter, the sound and identify words that begin with the sound.

alphabet recognition games

Alphabet Recognition Games: Alphabet Jenga

Another game that requires critical thinking and analysis skills is Jenga. Who doesn’t love the stress and anticipation of sliding out a piece of the game and holding your breath while waiting to see if it falls?! Now we can bring that experience into the classroom while practicing letters!

alphabet recognition games
We love this Jenga game because of the colors. The dice is color coded so students roll the dice and must remove the color they roll!

I used letter stickers from Target to label the pieces of wood. Not every piece got a sticker and that’s ok.

Students simply roll the dice and remove a block of the right color. If there is a sticker on the block, they identify the letter, the sound and pictures for the sound! Again, this can be played with partners, or during small groups and centers!

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You can grab a FREE letter recognition recording sheet to use with your alphabet recognition games on our freebies page!

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