Families Activities: Schedulin Sunday

Happy Schedulin’ Sunday! This week we’re starting our Family Research Project and learning about families with various families activities. I love this time of year because we are working through ABC BOOTCAMP and get to see the amazing growth and excitement that comes with ABC Bootcamp. This week we’re also continuing Number Bootcamp and working on, counting, and of course still focusing on procedures and routines!

Families Activities: Lesson Plans

As always, you can download our weekly lesson plans here:

Family Research Project

This week we will kick off our family research project!  We will be using this research project for the next 2 weeks to learn about families!  This research project involves lots of turn and talk, class charts and writing and drawing.  

We will kick off our families activities with the book, Mice And Beans. After reading the book we will talk about all the ways that families celebrate! In order to make celebrations concrete we will make a birthday graph!

The students will share who is in their family, we will create a Venn Diagram of brothers and sisters, we will draw a picture of our family and create a self portrait.

For more on our family research project, check out this post:


This week we are continuing ABC BOOTCAMP! ABC BOOTCAMP is the research-based curriculum we created to help students learn letters and sounds in 26 days! This week we are learning K-N. For each letter, we make a circle chart, a hat and do explicit handwriting instruction.

We are continuing to use a special edition of ABC BOOTCAMP!! This year we are using the brand new ZOO KEEPER ABC BOOTCAMP from our friends at Alive Studios. This version of ABC BOOTCAMP is EXACTLY the same as our 5 themes but features the zoo animals from Alive Studios. ZooKeeper ABC BOOTCAMP is only available with the purchase of a Letters Alive Kit from Alive Studios. But don’t worry, you can purchase ABC BOOTCAMP in any of the 5 themes from our TKS Store or TPT!

Alive Studios will have all the details of ZooKeeper ABC Bootcamp on their website soon. Check back to their website for all the details!


And since we’re learning M this week, you have to wear a mustache suit!

For more on ABC BOOTCAMP, visit this post!

Sight Words

This week we are also kicking off Sight Word 60 and learning sight words. Sight Word 60 is a systematic, explicit and FAST approach to teaching sight words. This approach works with ALL sight word and any sight word list. Monday we practice the words, Tuesday and Wednesday we use the words in a sentence, Thursday is a sight word grid and Friday is a game!

For all of the details on Sight Word 60, visit this post:

Sight Word Reader

This week our sight word reader (emergent reader!) is about family! These are a shared reading activity that we use each week to build reading skills and fluency as well as confidence in our readers! Grab your free reader here:

Math: Small Groups: Ten Frames And Counting

This week in math we are continuing NUMBER BOOTCAMP with numbers 12-15. We did our mid-Bootcamp assessment last week and have made tremendous growth with numbers and counting! I’m so proud of the class and all they’re doing.

Ten Frames!

This week we will work on counting and ten frames in small groups! This week will be all about differentiating instruction and working on counting to 10 or 20. All of our students can count to 5 so we’re focusing on 10-20.

For our small group lessons, we will be using our Cookie Counting Creation!

After our numbers and counting assessment last week, we identified two issues: one to one correspondence and stopping on the last dot or last item. So we made this ten frames PowerPoint to practice one to one counting and stopping and identifying the quantity.

Click the ten frame to download the free powerpoint!

For more on Number Bootcamp, visit this post:

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