Schedulin Sunday: Space Heroes, Addition Bootcamp, And Vowel Teams

Happy Schedulin Sunday! This week we are continuing our journey through space with our Space Research Project but this week we’re using all we’ve learned to complete our astronaut journal, we’re working with OR words in Vowel Teams Bootcamp and practicing addition to 10 with Addition Bootcamp! And yes, we’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo!

Lesson Plans: Space Heroes, Addition Bootcamp, And Vowel Teams

As always, you can download our weekly lesson plans here!

You can grab our editable lesson plan templates here:

Research Projects: Space Research Project

This week we are finishing our Space Research Project! We have been having so much fun exploring space and we’ve learned so much. This week, we’re adding a new element to our Space Research Project: we’re completing our Astronaut Journal. In our journal, we will write about our space knowledge, our favorite planet, and our favorite space hero! To do this, we’re using our Heroes Research Projects to learn about different space pioneers and heroes! Then the students will choose their favorite hero and write about them. NOTE: OUR SPACE RESEARCH PROJECT HAS BEEN NEWLY UPDATED!!!!

We are learning about: Sally Ride, Mae Jemison, Ellison Onizuka and Ellen Ochoa.

These are an example of what the graphic organizers from our Heroes Research Projects look like:

Here are the space books we’re using for our Space Research Project:


TKS BOOTCAMP: Vowel Teams Bootcamp

This week we’re continuing our TKS BOOTCAMP with Vowel Teams Bootcamp! This is when we work with vowel teams or vowel pairs. We spend a week on each vowel team or vowel pair. This week we’re working on OR words pattern. We do the three together since they all make the same sound!

We start with a circle chart just like we do in every TKS BOOTCAMP, then we work on word building and word writing!

We also make some fun graphic organizers to practice decoding the words! For OR words, we’re making our corn chart!

We use our decodable readers daily in small groups so we have a daily focus on decoding. We also use our new Vowel Teams Blending Cards for daily decoding practice!

Read It Up: Dragons Love Tacos

This week we’re also celebrating Cinco de Mayo. We have a large Hispanic population in our classroom so we invite the families to share their customs and traditions with our classroom! This year the families will send pictures and descriptions of their customs and traditions because we’re not allowed, visitors. We will also be reading Dragons Love Tacos and on Friday we will enjoy tacos. In the past, families have prepared the tacos for us but this year, we will cook them in the classroom.

Math: Addition Bootcamp

This week in math, we are practicing addition with Addition Bootcamp!

Just like all of our TKS BOOTCAMP, we use a circle chart for Addition Bootcamp. The idea of Addition Bootcamp is to build fluency and build independence in solving equations. In typical years, we placed equations in the pocket chart, students found the equations that went on the chart. This year, I will show them equations, we will solve them on our whiteboards and add the correct ones to the circle chart. This eliminates the shared objects.

Students can then practice on their own with our differentiated independent practice activities:

Foodie Fun Friday

This week our Foodie Fun Friday snack is tacos!


This week we continue our Backwards Bootcamp! We do Backwards Bootcamp to celebrate our year together, to keep the kids engaged, and because we start the year with ABC BOOTCAMP! Our year begins and ends with ABC BOOTCAMP!

This week:

P=pink, purple and picnic! We have a picnic!

O=orange! Wear orange!

N-New name day! Students choose a new name for the day!

M for mustaches!

L for Lollipops! Check out our friend Laura Kelly for customized lollipops!

This week we are using these TKS Creations:


For additional information, check out these posts:

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