Winter Olympics In The Classroom

Y’all. I love the Olympics. I love the opening ceremony and the sports. I love it all. So every 2 years I love that we get to bring the Olympics into the classroom! The Olympics offer so many great lessons: teamwork, perseverance, geography, and the culture of the host country!

Winter Olympics Research Project

We use our WInter Games Research Project to research and write about the Olympics. We read a book about each sport and we watch a video of the sport. Then the kids write in their journals!

As with all of our research projects, we start with a schema map. As we learn about the Olympics, we add our learning to our schema map!

As we read about each sport, we discuss the sport and complete our graphic organizer!

At the end of our research project, we vote for our favorite sport! To build language, we do a turn and talk to share our favorite sport and we share why we like that sport! Then we use sticky notes to vote and we graph our data!

Of course, to keep the Olympic fun going, we have Winter Games center activities!

Measurement Olympics

The Olympics offer a great opportunity to practice measurement by competing in our Measurement Olympics! We complete in ice hockey, ski jumping, curling, and bobsledding using paper plates, laundry baskets, and frisbees. And we use gold medals as our unit of measurement!

Olympic Snack Idea

To make your Olympic torch snack, you need ice cream cones, popcorn, and cheetos! Fill the cones with popcorn and add 1 Cheeto as the flame!

Olympic Green Screen Idea

Here’s a fun idea to put your students in the Olympics! Have students pose in front of the green screen. Drop their picture into an Olympic background and bam!

Winter Olympic Books

Grab these read alouds on Amazon! Click the image or CLICK HERE!

Check out our other Olympic Resources:

For a fun DIY Olympic themed activity, check out our Gold Medal Sight Words!

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