Schedulin Sunday: Last Stop On Market Street, Counting, And Apples

It’s Schedulin Sunday! This week we’re continuing to introduce centers, focusing on procedures and routines, pulling small groups, and learning about apples, and reading Last Stop On Market Street!

Lesson Plans

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We continue our district-mandated foundational skills curriculum this week along with ABC BOOTCAMP! We complete district required curriculum and supplement it with ABC BOOTCAMP as part of our phonics and phonemic awareness lessons. ABC BOOTCAMP is aligned with the science of reading, is research-based, and uses best practices, including sounds first. With ABC BOOTCAMP you introduce the sound first and the letter is how you spell the sound. And it’s FUN AND HIGHLY EFFECTIVE! How effective? After 26 days, classrooms see an average of 80% mastery of sounds and letters!

Students are encouraged to bring in objects for each sound. We say the word (building vocabulary), identify the sound (phonemic awareness), spell the sound, and write the sound (phonics) and Mr. Greg draws the picture. If students don’t bring an object, we just brainstorm words for each sound. The objects help overcome language and vocabulary barriers. And yes, YOU MUST DRAW THE PICTURES! It’s a key part of ABC BOOTCAMP. The pictures connect the sound to known words/objects which is necessary for students to learn sounds!

Reading Comprehension-Last Stop On Market Street

This week we are continuing our required reading curriculum by reading Last Stop On Market Street. We supplement heavily with our Read It Up! resource. We are required to do 3 lessons a week so that’s what we do. We focus on the “learn” section of each lesson and use our Read It Up! to scaffold and support student learning!

This week we will work on notice and wonder, details, and text evidence. Students will share what they notice in the story and generate questions about the story, retelling the story using sequencing words and using evidence and details from the story.

Also this week we’re learning about the importance of details. To make this lesson more concrete we do a drawing of CJ from Last Stop On Market Street. We draw a picture of a boy and discuss if it looks like CJ or not. We discuss what details we can add to make the drawing look more like CJ!

Apples Research Project

This week we continue our Apples Research Project! September is all about apples in our classroom and the kids have been so engaged and excited to learn about apples!

This week we will learn the life cycle of an apple, do a true false sort, build apple towers, and do apple prints!

We’re also going to have an apple party! We will enjoy different apple foods and graph our favorite!


We continue NUMBER BOOTCAMP this week!

As part of our Number Bootcamp, we learn to explicitly write the numbers!

number bootcamp

This year our district is using Illustrative Math as our math curriculum. We will be completing those lessons and supplementing them heavily with our Math It Up! resources. The pacing has gotten very slow and we’re finally moving to some actual counting (although we’ve been working on this in our classroom already because I don’t believe in holding kids back!). This week we’re working on counting to 10 and 20 and comparing numbers so we’re using our brand new Math It Up! creation!

This week we will be counting eggs into an egg carton, doing the number race and shake and spill! All of these and more are included in our Math It Up! Counting To 10 And 20 creations!

Each day will begin with a brief activity to compare numbers using the words more/fewer: we’re comparing fingers, cubes, and groups of objects.

Counting activities:

counting with egg cartons-show the number card and count the correct number of objects into the carton

Number race-students will toss a cube onto a number mat and write or graph the number on the recording sheet. This activity will be differentiated for 10 and 20.

Shake and spill-students will spill counters, count how many and write the number on the dry erase board!

All of these activities are included in our Math It Up! Counting To 10 And 20 resource! Stay tuned for pictures and videos of these lessons!

Mad Scientist Thursday

Our Mad Scientist experiment this week is apples! We will experiment to see if apples float or sink. And then we do a fun STEM activity where we will build apple towers using apple pieces and toothpicks. Students will work in pairs to build the tallest tower possible!

And yes, you must dress the part!

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