Shake And Add Math Center

This hands-on addition activity is an easy to make and highly engaging way for students to practice addition.   It is FREE, hands-on, and easily differentiated.    And really FUN!  What more could you want out of an addition game?    This shake and add math center is everything you could want from a center and more!   I mean, who doesn’t like to shake it a bit?!

I call this center “Shake And Add” because the students shake the bag and then add!  Simple huh?!

You will need:  Zip-Loc bags (quart size), counting bears (or other manipulatives), and cardstock.
Step 1:  Cut a strip of cardboard into two pieces.  I make them about half the height of the Ziploc bag.
Step 2:  Staple the two pieces of cardboard together to make a plus sign.
Next, staple the plus sign INSIDE the Zip-Lov bag.  Make sure it’s as close to the center as you can get it.
Add counting bears or other manipulatives or counters!  The number of bears or counters in the bag is the answer to the equation.  You will want to make bags for numbers 1-10.
BAM!  You have your shake and add activity ready to go.  To use, students flip the bag upside down.  The bears all tumble to the top.  The students flip the bag back over and the bears tumble down.  They end up on both sides of the plus sign creating….wait for it…an addition equation!
Students write the equation on their recording sheet and find the answer.
Repeat!  Shake!  Repeat!
shake and add kindergarten addition adding to 10 kindergarten math center

Check out these videos of shake and add in action!

Click on the picture to get your free recording sheet

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