Kindergarten Review Games

Keeping students engaged and learning can be a daunting task. And let’s be honest, keeping us teachers engaged can be just as challenging. That means we’re always on the lookout for review games that are fun, easy to prep, and can be used for any skill! And along comes one solution: spinner games!

Dry Erase Spinner

Recently on Amazon, I found this super cool dry-erase prize wheel that I knew would be perfect for classroom games!

To get your spinner or prize wheel, just click the image. I mean imagine the possibilities with this amazing thing!

Kindergarten Review Games: Sight Words

To practice and review our sight words, we used our prize wheel. I simply wrote our sight words for the week using a dry-erase marker. Then I provided the students with our sight word grid from Sight Word 60.

To play, a student spins the wheel. We read the word, segment the sounds, spell the word, and color the word. Students color 1 word on their grid. We continue until all words are colored. You can change this up and use it for any phonics skill as well. For example: write letters on the wheel, spin the wheel and students identify the sound and generate words for the sound.

To see this game in action, check out this video:

For more sight word spinner games, check out our Sparkle And Spin Sight Words creation!

Kindergarten Review Games: Subtraction

The prize wheel is great for practicing math facts! We want to be able to write and solve subtraction (and addition) equations fluently. The prize wheel spinner makes math games easy!

We write numbers to 10 on the wheel. We spin the wheel twice to give us the two numbers for the equation. Students write and solve the equation on their recording sheet.

You can check out our Spin And Subtract game in this video:

For more math spinner games, check out our sparkle and spin addition and subtraction games!

Check out these games resources for the classroom:

For more ideas and resources, check out these posts:

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