Kindergarten Lesson Plans: Mermaid Day

Ahoy, fellow teachers and parents! Are you ready to make a splash with your kindergarten lesson plans? Plan a mermaid day for your class! This day is perfect for engaging kids and hitting content and standards, especially at the end of the school year!

Mermaid Day: Setting the Scene

Transform your classroom with a few balloons and inflatables! Add a mermaid background and you have a mermaid land for your classroom!

We used two inflatable mermaids and mermaid balloons, which we bought from Amazon. The image on the board is just a mermaid image I found on Google. Click the images to see these on Amazon.

mermaid day free ideas

Kindergarten Lesson Plans: Mermaid Day Reading Comprehension

We read the book How To Catch A Mermaid and worked on story elements and retelling the story. We created story maps and discussed the traps used in the story!

Kindergarten Lesson Plans: Mermaid Day Phonics

Who says phonics and the science of reading can’t be fun? We made our Mermaid Day phonics lessons fun by doing mermaid words. I drew a mermaid on poster board. We used sticky notes to spell words. Then we segmented the sounds, spelled the word, wrote the word, and blended the sounds. And we used the word in a sentence to build meaning.

Mermaid Math

This Mermaid Day math lesson can be used for counting, addition, and subtraction! I made a merman and a clam on the posterboard, adding Velcro dots. I used cardstock for the pearls. Students put pearls in the clam and took the pearls away. We wrote and solved the equations.

kindergarten lesson plans subtraction worksheets

Mermaid Day: Mermaid Art Project

Of course, your kindergarten lesson plans and mermaid day needs an art project. We made mermaid tails using paper plates and dot stickers. This project can be modified to use bingo dobbers as well

kindergarten lesson plans art projects

Mermaid Snack

Of course, you need a mermaid snack! Snacks are great because they involve sequencing and following directions, and you get to eat! For our mermaid celebration, we made mermaid milkshakes. Milk, vanilla ice cream, pink and blue food coloring. We added mermaid sprinkles and shell gummies!

Kindergarten Lesson Plans: Mermaid Freebie

The shells are from Dollar Tree! The letters and recording sheet are in the free download!

For all of our mermaid items, check out our Amazon list!

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