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Schedulin Sunday: Names!

It’s Schedulin Sunday here at The Kindergarten Smorgasboard World Headquarters!  We’re kicking off our first full week of school and that means one thing:  Exhausted

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Ice Pop Letter Shakers!

Greetings from 30,000 feet in the air!   I have officially kicked off a month of nonstop travel!   Pennsylvania…Orlando…Las Vegas…Chicago…and I arrive home 3

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DIY Magnetic Letter Storage!

So if you’re like me you have about 3.4 million (or billion) magnetic letters.  And if you’re like me (which you’re probably not…because you’re probably

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Math & Literacy Centers Ideas

It’s Thursday Center time!!!  Here’s a peek into our weekly center/workstation/hippopotamus activities and fun! This is a great CVC word activity that adds extra rigor

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Letter Tracing Book

This idea for letter recognition comes from Jan Richardson’s book The Next Step In Guided Reading.  If you haven’t read the book DO IT!  

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