A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin’ Sunday: February 10th, 2013

Happy Sunday!  It’s a rainy and windy day here in Music City!  A great day for creating mind blowing lessons for the Monsters!  I’m a teaching dork because I like doing my lesson plans (MY lesson plans!) and creating engaging and authentic experiences for my monsters!

Well, it’s Sunday.  We’ve scoured Pinterest.  We’ve played on Facebook.  We’ve watched The Golden Girls, so it’s time to do some planning.  The internet will thank us!  hehe  So here it is!  A week of activities and learning.  A week of glitter and craftivities.  A week of hands on, engaging learning.  And non-stop chaos!  Yep, it’s Schedulin’ Sunday at The Kindergarten Smorgasboard!

Click the picture to download my weekly plans!
Today we celebrate Chinese New Year!  We start off the day reading the story Ruby’s Wish!
This is a great story about a little girl’s wish to go to college.  It has beautiful illustrations that give students a great look into China!    After reading the story, we will complete a story map to work on comprehension skills.
We will also make a Chinese New Year hat!  Ya know, you can’t have a holiday without a silly hat in the kindergarten smorgasboard!
We will also be publishing our tooth fairy writing from last week (since I had to leave early Friday because of another virus.  Germs.  Someone send me a haz-mat suit!)
This week and next week our math focus is addition.  We have worked on this previously and we work on it daily during calendar!  We understand the concept so we will be building on that with word problems, solving written equations and more word problems!
We will be kicking off our addition fun with this cute and Common Core aligned Year Of The Snake Addition project!  Students solve the equations and then glue the pieces in numerical order to make a snake!  YEAH!  Art project.  Common Core aligned.  Oh Mr. Greg…how do you do it?!
This project was inspired by this find on Pinterest!
Click on the picture to go the freebies page to get your freebie!
I will also be using Google Earth to show the monsters where China is located and how far away it is from our school.  
Our day ends with a Year Of The Snake collage project.  The monsters will get a snake cut out and will have paint, glitter (DUH!) and sequins to decorate their snake collage!  
We will also will enjoy a delicious Chinese meal Ramen Noodles!  I love watching the monsters eat with chopsticks!
Today we kick off our Valentine’s Day week with one of our favorite book characters:  Froggy!!  The monsters LOVE Froggy!  Every day I hear “FROOOOOOOOOOGY!” coming from the classroom library!  
Today we will read Froggy’s First Kiss!  After reading, we will complete our story map!
We will write about who we want to be our Valentine and why!  We will use a predictable chart to form our sentences!
In math, we are going to work on our addition skills.  I want the monsters to build their skill at reading and equation and using manipulatives to solve the problem.  I will show an equation on the smart board and the monsters will use their manipulatives to find the answer.    
Our Valentine’s Day week party continues with a frog craftivity!  It’s a heart frog to go with our love of all things Froggy!
This is available in my I Heart Valentine’s Day Pack!
I’m guessing that by now the monsters will be WILD with excitement about Valentine’s Day.  I bet Mr. Greg is pulling his hair out.  Again.  HMMM
Today we will read There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Rose!  Don’t you love these stories?! Does anyone else get giddy when a new one is released!?  Or is that just me!?   My monsters go bonkers for these books (but let’s be honest, so does Mr. Greg!)  After reading the story we will work on sequencing with a flow map!
We will publish our “love letters” that we worked on yesterday.  The monsters will write about who they want to be their Valentine and why they chose that person!  We will also create a tree map about Valentine’s Day.  Our tree map is about how Valentine’s Day smells, looks, and feels!  
In math, we will work on word problems.  We will be using the work mats from my Dino Mite addition pack.  I will project the word problem on the smart board and read it to the monsters.  They will use our dinosaur manipulatives to solve the word problem.  
Our craftivity today is one of my favorites.  Yeah, yeah, they’re all my favorites!  The monsters will use candy hearts to make their names! It’s a super fun way to use candy hearts (yep, that’s a lot of hearts!) and it makes a cute display so we can finally replace the names we made with beans during the first week of school!
It’s here.  V day.  Lame. Holiday.  Do your kids go wild for Valentine’s Day?!  This is our biggest party of the year.  Bigger than Christmas.  True story.  The parents flood us with food.  We go wild.  
We will spend the morning reading The Biggest Valentine Ever.  After reading the story, we will make our Valentine’s bags.  I am planning to let the monsters use stickers and markers to get creative with their bags!  
We will sort and graph our candy hearts before our party kicks off!  And yes, we will be making a hat!  It is a day in the kindergarten smorgasboard, right?!
If Mr. Greg survived Thursday, we will end our Valentine’s Day week with the book Happy Valentine’s Day Mouse!  We will read the story and complete a flow map to sequence the story.
We will finish our love letters to our friends using the writing paper from our I Heart Valentine’s Day Pack!
We will complete an addition assessment and work on our world problems!  Today’s word problems come from the Adding Unicorns math pack!  We love unicorns!
We will end our week with a fun monkey craftivity from Wild About Firsties!  We will use this to display our love letters!
Our Foodie Friday Fun will be our mouth snack from last week that we didn’t get to eat because of germs.  Germs.  Oh how I loathe thee!
And hopefully we can reschedule our Skype date with our friends from Kindergarten365!
Of course, we will be working on blending, compound words, middle sounds and word study this week!  We will also read our poem and emergent reader!  You can get them for free on the freebies page!  

There will be number writing and math journals.  And morning meetings!  Speaking of morning meetings, last week one of the monsters requested (DAILY!) for Valentine’s Day I have Who Has games.  So, of course, I obliged!  Click on the picture to go the freebies page!
If you would like any of the resources mentioned, check em out here!

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