A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday: August 26th, 2013

It’s Schedulin’ Sunday!  That means it’s time to see what great ideas I have for the ‘staches this week!  This week is some great common core learning with numbers, letters, ten frames, painting and more!  This week is also all about our hopes and dreams and building strong friendships.  So sit back, relax and enjoy the week that will be!
As always, you can download my lesson plans by clicking on the picture!   I get asked daily where I found my template.  Here is the answer:  It is from a blog called A Teacher’s Plan and was created for me by my amazing friend Melissa!  The template is called THE GREG (you can have a lesson plan template just like mine and named after me!  Mind blowing stuff people!)  It is a word document so it’s editable to meet your needs!  I love how it shows the whole week on two pages and keeps everything so organized!  Head over to A Teacher’s Plan to check it out!

And another question that I get several times a week is where I got my font for my name chart names.  The font is called LETTERBOX and is available from my amazingly talented friend Mel at Graphics From The Pond!  Click on the picture to go to her TPT store to get the font!

Here comes the week of wow!Monday
This week kicks off with letter A and the short A sound.  We will learn the sound on Monday and create a circle map of A words that requires Mr. Greg to draw pictures.  We do not learn the letter yet, just the sound.  The ‘staches will listen for the /a/ sound in words and work on identifying words with /a/ and words without /a/.And of course, it’s Silly Hat Monday so we have to make our Aa hat!  We love our alphabet hats from Simply Kinder!

We will read A Picnic At Apple Park.  This came with our old reading series and I like the book because it’s good for characters and settings.  It’s also good for talking about problems and solutions.  Writing today will be handwriting to practice writing Aa.  Each ‘stache gets a chance to write Aa using the iPad.  After we practice, they do their handwriting page!Math is all about numbers and counting to 10!  Today we will use a living ten frame to practice making numbers to 10.  I found this idea at Chalk Talk!    I will make a large ten frame on the floor using tape and the students will be the manipulative to make the numbers!

The students will then work independently on a roll and color activity.  I will start pulling groups of students to work on making numbers on ten frames!
(Head over to the freebies page to grab your free counting ants activities!)
Our social studies lesson this week is all about our hopes and dreams for kindergarten.  It’s all about goal setting and sharing what we want to learn in kindergarten!  I will read the book Big Plans and we talk about the big plans we have for Kindergarten!
I LOVE THIS BIG!  I love the little boy’s enthusiasm and gumption!!  He reminds me a lot of someone else I know….hmmm…This is truly a great book for setting goals with young students!
We will re-read A Picnic At Apple Park and the ‘staches will echo read the story.  We will share our favorite part of the story as our re-tell skill!
We will learn the letter A spells /a/.  We will practice listening for the /a/ sound by doing a picture sort independently!
Writing today will be to create a circle map of our hopes and dreams.  I will ask the ‘staches to share what they want to learn in kindergarten and we will fill up our circle map with goals!
I also send home a letter to parents asking them what their hopes and dreams are for their child in kindergarten.  I then combine the child’s hopes and dreams with the parents to make a puzzle display!  We leave this display up all year to remind us what we’re working for!  If a parent doesn’t return their form, I write a goal for the child so everyone has their completed puzzle pieces!
Math will be working on writing numbers with Race To Trace!  The ‘staches will roll their dice, count the dots and find the number.  They will use a marker to trace the number.  After they finish they will complete a number writing page independently.
I will pull small groups to work on building number with our ten frame mats!
As we continue to discuss our hopes and dreams, we will create a fun swinging into school craftivity!
This awesome craftivity is from All Students Can Shine!
We will read A Bad Case Of The Stripes and talk about being unique and different.
We will work on our /a/ sound by doing a /a/ not /a/ picture sort with our large picture cards.
Writing will be a predictable chart about our hopes and dreams.  ” ____________ wants to learn ______________ in kindergarten.”
Math will be a number sort.  The ‘staches will cut out their dice and count the dots.  They will glue them to the correct number!  This will be an assessment piece!
(click the pictures for a free download of the dice sorting!)
 I will continue pulling small groups for ten frame work!
Today we will create a friendship craftivity where we must work together to create our project!  Each ‘stache makes their face and then they must glue their faces on their paper!  Then they choose their word cloud and glue it on their paper!  To make the word cloud, I just typed in the names of every ‘stache and choose the shapes!  I use the site Tagxedo to make the word cloud because it has more options for the shapes!
This craftivity is from A Cupcake From The Teacher.
We will read Hooway For Wodney Wat and talk about bullying and respect.  We also talk about how important it is for us to take care of each other and protect each other.
The ‘staches will do a picture sort for a/p words.  This will be their assessment for the /a/ sound and their pre-assessment for the /p/ sound which we will start next week!
Writing will be a circle map of way to be a good friend!
Math will be more numbers and counting.  The ‘staches will work independently on some cut and paste ten frame activities while I pull small groups.
My small groups will be working on counting cubes using our counting mats.
I created these mats a few years ago with some construction paper and index cards.  I ask the ‘stache to find a number.  When they find it, they count the correct number of cubes!
To celebrate our uniqueness, we will get to do a very messy painting project today!
I found this idea at a blog called Pink And Green Mama and just knew I had to do it!  I will make four large body outlines and the staches will work together to paint the bodies.  When we’re finished,we will talk about how they are all different but we still like them all.  Just like we’re all different and we still like all of our friends!
And we’ve finally made it to FRIDAY!
We will read the book Bullies Never Win and discuss why we will never let bullies never win!
We will review the /a/ sound with picture cards.
We will write a predictable chart about being friends.  “I can be a friend by…”
Math will be all about counting ants!  Yes, counting ants!  And no I don’t mean we will be taking a census of the ant that live on our playground…I mean painting ants to practice counting!
YES!  I know they’re snowmen!  But this was the inspiration for the counting ants activity!
This idea came from a blog called I Heart Crafty Things!  How cute is this?!  The ‘staches will use black paint and their finger to paint ants!  I will use 12×18 construction paper and number it 1-10 along the bottom.  To help with keeping things neat, I will also draw lines between the numbers!  The ‘staches will then count ants to 10!
And since we’re having some math fun with ants, why not have a little ant counting freebie?!
There are counting puzzles to 10 included, 3 roll and color sheets and an independent practice page!  Click over to the freebies page to get your ants!
And of course, Friday means Foodie Fun Friday!
Today we will make the letter Aa from apple jacks and eat ants on a log!
Shew, is anyone else exhausted just from reading all of that?!
And don’t forget to enter for your chance to win a Mustache t-shirt just like Mr. Greg’s!
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