Schedulin Sunday! ZOO ANIMALS!

It’s spring time in Music City USA!  That means 9 more weeks of glitterific learning and dancing and fun in our classroom!   That also means it’s time for one of my favorite units: ZOO ANIMALS!  Of course this unit culminates with our trip to the zoo.  (Here’s hoping we don’t get rained out…and here’s hoping we don’t go on the same day as 1,000 senior citizens in wheelchairs and using walkers.  Excited 5 year olds and senior citizens don’t mix well at the zoo…just sayin…)

As always, you can download my lesson plans here:

For the next 2 weeks we will study a different zoo animal each day and record our learning in our Animal Research Journal!
For each animal, we will make read an informational text and make a tree map of the information.  Then we will write about that animal in our research journal.  We will also label the parts of the animal and of course, we will make a fun art project for each animal.

In math this week we are working on subtraction.  And true to form, we don’t do things SMALL in our classroom.  No ma’am.  Go BIG or go HOME!   So this week it’s giant subtraction!   We will be using giant playing cards and giant dice to practice subtraction!
To see our original blog post about giant subtraction, click on the pictures!
I got both the cards and dice on Amazon!
Click the picture to get your free recording sheets!
In small group math time, we will be doing SMASHING SUBTRACTION!  Because sometimes you just gotta smash stuff to help ya learn!
Click the picture to see our original blog post about this game and see the video of how we play!  And snag the cards for free!
For Science, we’re doing CHOCOLATE SCIENCE!   I mean, it’s chocolate!  Nuff said!
We see if chocolate floats or sinks….and we measure how long it takes us to melt a Hershey Kiss in our mouth!   So. much. fun.
And chocolate.  I mean, really.   Chocolate.
Thank you to my sweet friend at The Hands On Teacher In First for the amazing science experiment!
For our snack, we’re having Animals On Parade!
And maybe cake batter dip for our animals!
And as always, here are some freebies for ya!
We will be using these resources this week:


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