Communities: Schedulin’ Sunday

Happy Schedulin’ Sunday! Ya’ll! This week is epic busy! This week we’re continuing our “my community” unit and focusing on the different types of communities and writing about the communities we belong to! We’re also wrapping up ABC BOOTCAMP, celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day and playing Giant Candy Land and dressing for career day!

Communities Lesson Plans

As always, you can download our weekly lesson plans here:

My Community Research Project

This week we are continuing our My Community research project. This is a new theme or unit in our scope and sequence, it’s also a long unit with the focus on communities and change and then we shift to community helpers! 

communities lesson plans my community

This week we’re using The Tiny House to learn about changes in our community. We’re also learning about different types of communities with City Mouse and Country Mouse!


Our My Community research project will look like this for the week:

Monday-types of communities graphic organizer.

Tuesday-City/Country Venn Diagram

Wednesday-Write about a community you live in!


This week we are wrapping up ABC BOOTCAMP! ABC BOOTCAMP is the research-based curriculum we created to help students learn letters and sounds in 26 days! This week we are learning S-W. For each letter, we make a circle chart, a hat and do explicit handwriting instruction.

We are continuing to use a special edition of ABC BOOTCAMP!! This year we are using the brand new ZOO KEEPER ABC BOOTCAMP from our friends at Alive Studios. This version of ABC BOOTCAMP is EXACTLY the same as our 5 themes but features the zoo animals from Alive Studios. ZooKeeper ABC BOOTCAMP is only available with the purchase of a Letters Alive Kit from Alive Studios. But don’t worry, you can purchase ABC BOOTCAMP in any of the 5 themes from our TKS Store or TPT!

Alive Studios will have all the details of ZooKeeper ABC Bootcamp on their website soon. Check back to their website for all the details!


And since it’s the end of ABC BOOTCAMP, we celebrate by dressing in camouflage and the students receive a certificate and dog tags!

ABC BOOTCAMP: Small Groups

We will be using our ABC BOOTCAMP decodable readers and letter and sounds hunt. I love these letter hunts because it allows to focus on each sound and work on identifying beginning sounds in words. These can be targeted based on data!

letters and sounds

Our ABC BOOTCAMP decodable books or alphabet books are differentiated so we can focus on words, letters and sounds or we can read predictable sentences.

For more on ABC BOOTCAMP, visit this post!

Candy Land Letter Review

It has become a bit of a tradition to celebrate the end of ABC BOOTCAMP by reviewing all the letters and sounds by playing a real life game of CANDY LAND!

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Thursday is Talk Like A Pirate Day so of course we are celebrating! We read Shiver Me Letters and go on a letter hunt! Students find letters in magazines, cut the letters out and glue them on our chart!

talk like a pirate day
For more details on this activity, click the image to see our post!

We also make a tree chart about pirates and paint pirates!

pirates activities kindergarten

Poem And Sight Word Reader

The week our shared reading sight word reader is about Pirates!

Math: Counting To 20

This week in math we are focusing on numbers and counting to 20!

Counting To 20

This week we are focusing on numbers and counting to 20 in small groups! We’re targeting instruction to meet the needs of students. After assessing with Number Bootcamp we have very targeted data so we know where to focus with each group!

One tool we’re using will be our Number Bootcamp Student Counting Books!

For more on Number Bootcamp, check out this post!

We will continue using our ten frame PowerPoint to work on 1 to 1 correspondence!

Click the ten frame to download the free powerpoint!

Mad Science: Pirate Slime

This week our Mad Science experiment is Pirate Slime! We simply use our slime recipe and add in pirate confetti to make pirate slime! We ordered the confetti on Amazon! Click on the image to grab some!

kindergarten science lessons


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