Stone Soup: Schedulin Sunday

Happy Schedulin’ Sunday! This week we’re continuing our month-long Thanksgiving research project with Stone Soup! We’re also kicking off Blends Bootcamp and we’re working on adding to 10!

Stone Soup Lesson Plans

As always, you can download our weekly lesson plans here:

Read It Up: Stone Soup

This week we are continuing our month long Thanksgiving Research Project.  During the month of November we learn about turkeys, we study needs and wants and being thankful.  This week we’re incorporating different versions of the story Stone Soup to talk about kindness and being thankful!


Read It Up: Stone Soup

This week is all about stone soup. We read a different version of the story each day, complete a story map and then at the end of the week we compare and contrast the stories and of course make our pot of stone soup!

stone soup

stone soup

We will also be making our world-famous paper plate turkeys! These are world-famous because one year they ended up on Yahoo’s list of Top 10 Turkey Craft Fails. Whatevs Yahoo. These turkeys are adorable!


This week we are starting Blends Bootcamp! We kick off Blends Bootcamp with digraphs and this week it’s SH words. Here’s the rundown for the week: Monday circle chart, Tuesday and Wednesday word building/blending, Thursday Word Writing/blending and Friday a word match.

To provide students extra support and practice, we use our differentiated digraph, decodable readers. The readers are included in Blends Bootcamp.

For more on blends and digraphs and Blends Bootcamp, check out this post!

For more on our Read It Up! comprehension resources, check out this post:

Poem And Sight Word Reader: Turkeys

The week our shared reading sight word reader and poem are about turkeys!

Math: Addition With Quack And Count

This week in math we continue to work on adding to 5 and 10. This skill was introduced in September so now we will be practicing with bigger numbers. We will be using our Math It Up: Quack And Count creation!

This week our focus will be in small groups so we can target students with adding to 5 or 10!

Mad Science

This week, in honor of Thanksgiving, we are doing a cranberry science experiment. We will predict if cranberries sink or float in water and Sprite. Then we will test our hypothesis!

Foodie Fun Friday

Our Foodie Fun Friday this week is of course Stone Soup!

stone soup

As part of our feast, each child brings in a can of vegetables, and just like the story, we all contribute to the soup. And then the soup chooses one deserving person to get the stone.

These are the creations we are using this week:

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