Holidays Around The World: Schedulin Sunday

Happy Schedulin’ Sunday! This week we’re kicking off our month-long adventure around the world with Holidays Around The World! We’re also introducing subtraction and working with Blends Bootcamp!

Holidays Around The World Lesson Plans

As always, you can download our weekly lesson plans here:

holidays around the world

Holidays Around The World

This week we are starting our month long Holidays Around The World research project!  We visit 1 country a day to learn how they celebrate Christmas and other holidays.  For each country, we read a story, learn facts and write about the country.  Then we make a craft or art project for that country.  Each student receives a plane ticket for each country and we use Google Earth to travel to each country!

holidays around the world

For more on Holidays Around The World, check out this post for all the details:

holidays around the world

For art ideas for each country, check out this post:

Read It Up: Gingerbread Man

The next two weeks is all about The Gingerbread Man. We read a different version of the story each day, complete a story map and then at the end of the week we compare and contrast the stories!

gingerbread man
gingerbread man

For more ideas, details, resources and lesson plans for Read It Up: Gingerbread Man, check out this post!


This week we are starting Blends Bootcamp! We Blends Bootcamp with digraphs and this week it’s TH words. Here’s the rundown for the week: Monday circle chart, Tuesday and Wednesday word building/blending, Thursday Word Writing/blending and Friday a word match.

To provide students extra support and practice, we use our differentiated digraph, decodable readers. The readers are included in Blends Bootcamp.

For more on blends and digraphs and Blends Bootcamp, check out this post!

For more on our Read It Up! comprehension resources, check out this post:

Poem And Sight Word Reader: Santa and Gingerbread Man

The week our shared reading sight word reader and poem are about Santa and Gingerbread Men!

Math: Subtraction With Five Little Monkeys

This week in math we are introducing subtraction to 5. We focus on a very concrete approach that subtraction means to take away. We use the book Five Little Monkeys to subtract!

As we read the story we discuss how the monkeys are going away and the number gets smaller. After reading, we act out subtraction stories about monkeys falling off the bed!

Check out this video to see this lesson in action:

Foodie Fun Friday

Our Foodie Fun Friday is Holidays Around The World. We will eat either traditional foods from countries we visit or foods that represent something we learned about a country!

holidays around the world

These are the creations we are using this week:

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