Schedulin Sunday: Halloween And Money

This week we are continuing Word Family Bootcamp, learning about money and celebrating Halloween with a week-long Halloween-apalooza!

Money And Halloween Lesson Plans

As ALWAYS, our lesson plans are free to download. Since we are returning to face to face instruction, we are switching back to our usual lesson plan template! If you’re interested in previous lesson plans, we have 7 years of our lesson plans in our Resource Center at the top of this page!

If you’re interested in our lesson plan template, CLICK HERE!

Click the picture above to view and/or download my year-long plan for this year. We have updated the plan by adding the second quarter plans. You will notice there isn’t a lot of detail included. This was deliberate because we’re keeping things very flexible in case we have to move between virtual and in-person learning.

TKS BOOTCAMP PHONICS: Word Family Bootcamp

Click Above To Learn More About Word Family Bootcamp

After ABC BOOTCAMP, we use our sounds and letters knowledge and apply those skills to blending, reading, and writing CVC WORDS using our Word Family Bootcamp. Word Family Bootcamp is a 2-day routine. Day 1 is the circle chart. Day 2 is word building and word writing. This week is -IT and -IP words. Below you see examples of the lessons!

Read It Up: Halloween-apalooza!

Since this week is Halloween, we decided to do a celebration of our favorite Halloween books using our Read It Up resources and make this week a Halloween-palooza. We’re focusing on one story a day and working on retelling, story maps, sequencing, writing, and graphing!

Monday is Creepy Carrots Day!

We will read the story Creepy Carrots and we retell the story using sequencing words. Students will draw their own story map. We will make our own creepy carrots and graph whether we think carrots are yummy or creepy.

Tuesday Is Creepy Pair Of Underwear!

We will read the story Creepy Pair Of Underwear and we retell the story using sequencing words. Students will draw their own story map. We will make our own creepy underwear and graph whether we liked Jasper or the underwear!

Creepy Carrots And Creepy Underwear are available as a bundle!

Wednesday is Room On The Broom!

We will read Room On The Broom and work on sequencing a story. We will write who would be on our broom and graph if we think witches are scary or fun!

Thursday is Spookley The Square Pumpkin!

Note: All of our Halloween Read It Up Creations are available as digital resources as well!

Math: Money

This week we will be learning about money using our Math It Up: Money creation!

Monday we read Alexander Who Used To Be Rich Last Sunday and share all the reasons we need money!

Each day we make a bubble chart for each coin. This helps students identify the coins and their value.

We make a tree map to learn the coins and their values and we do a coin sort. Students do their work in their money journal!


And Friday we wrap up Halloween-palooza with a Halloween celebration! We clean out pumpkins…we make snacks…we write…and we party!

This activity has been a tradition in our classroom for 10 years. Each student gets a pumpkin and they clean it out. We fill it with dirt and plant a flower! Then they take the pumpkin home!

We will write about what Mr. Greg should be for Halloween! First, we brainstorm ideas for my costume. Then the students write what they want me to be!

We make a Spookley Snack using graham crackers, tootsie rolls and frosting!

We eat spooky snacks!

  • Jack-O-Lantern Teeth-candy corn
  • Monster Scabs=Chex
  • Ghost Poop-Marshmallows
  • Witch Warts-chocolate chips


And the class gets a goodie bag of fun toys and a book!

Scientists In The Classroom: Pumpkins

This week our science lessons are all about pumpkins. We will see if pumpkins sink or float. And we use our five senses to describe pumpkins!


These are the resources we’re using this week:

For more information, check out these posts:

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