Schedulin Sunday: Pumpkins And Word Family Bootcamp

This week we are kicking off Word Family Bootcamp, learning about pumpkins using our Pumpkin Research Project, and learning about shapes using our Shapes Bootcamp!

Pumpkins Research Project Lesson Plans

As ALWAYS, our lesson plans are free to download. Since we are returning to face to face instruction, we are switching back to our usual lesson plan template! If you’re interested in previous lesson plans, we have 7 years of our lesson plans in our Resource Center at the top of this page!

If you’re interested in our lesson plan template, CLICK HERE!

Click the picture above to view and/or download my year-long plan for this year. We have updated the plan by adding the second quarter plans. You will notice there isn’t a lot of detail included. This was deliberate because we’re keeping things very flexible in case we have to move between virtual and in-person learning.

TKS BOOTCAMP PHONICS: Word Family Bootcamp

Click Above To Learn More About Word Family Bootcamp

After ABC BOOTCAMP, we use our sounds and letters knowledge and apply those skills to blending, reading, and writing CVC WORDS using our Word Family Bootcamp. Word Family Bootcamp is a 2-day routine. Day 1 is the circle chart. Day 2 is word building and word writing.

Research Project: Pumpkins

This week we’re kicking off our Pumpkins Research Project! This is always lots of fun in the weeks and days leading up to Halloween! It keeps the kids engaged and learning and involves literacy, art, math, and science lessons!

  • Monday we will do our Pumpkins Schema map.
  • Tuesday is the life cycle of a pumpkin.
  • Wednesday is the tree map.
  • Thursday is the schema map and measuring pumpkins.

Here are the books we’re reading (NOTE: there is a much more comprehensive book list included in the research project!)

Our Pumpkins Research Project is also available in digital format for Google and SeeSaw!

Click Above for more information about our DIGITAL Pumpkin Research Project

Math: Shapes Bootcamp

This week we will be learning about shapes using Shapes Bootcamp.

Click Above To Learn More About Shapes Bootcamp

We will make shape people and use the shape people to make our shapes anchor chart. Each day we will make an anchor chart for each shape.

As part of our Pumpkins Research Project, we will estimate and measure our height using paper pumpkins!

Scientists In The Classroom: Exploding Ghosts

This week our Mad Scientists In The Classroom experiment is Exploding Ghosts. We use water bottles, vinegar, and baking soda to inflate balloons!


These are the resources we’re using this week:

For more information, check out these posts:

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