Schedulin Sunday: Dinosaurs And Subtraction

Happy Schedulin Sunday! This week we kick off our dinosaur unit! I am so excited because this is always one of my favorite units and we haven’t been able to do it for a few years and this year I didn’t think we would do it in person but we back to in-person so learning so it’s three weeks of dinosaurs!

Lesson Plans: Dinosaurs and Subtraction

As always, you can download our weekly lesson plans here!

You can grab our editable lesson plan templates here:

Research Project: Dinosaurs

We are kicking off our three-week-long dinosaur unit this week! We will be using our Dinosaur Research Project! We start by learning how to be a paleontologist because if you’re going to study dinosaurs you have to be a paleontologist. Then we learn about one dinosaur a day! For each dinosaur we do a tree chart, write about the dinosaur and label the dinosaur. We also draw the dinosaur.

For paleontologists, we discuss all the tools of a paleontologist and then we go on a fossil dig.

For our fossil dig, we have used chocolate chip cookies but this year we are using Twinkies and candy bones. The candy bones are hidden inside the twinkie and we will dig them out just like a real paleontologist!

As with all of our research projects, we record all of our learning in our research journals!

We also do a schema chart before we start our dinosaur journey!

For each dinosaur we learn about, we read a book and we complete a tree chart as we read the book. Then we write about our dinosaur in our research journal.

And we label the dinosaur.

Finally, we draw the dinosaur!

And yes, Mr. Greg dresses the part!

This week’s read alouds:

For more dinosaur books and dinosaur materials, click on the image!

TKS BOOTCAMP: Vowel Bootcamp

This week we’re continuing with TKS BOOTCAMP with Vowel Bootcamp! This is when we work with long vowels and the CVC-E pattern! After 4 weeks of virtual Vowel Bootcamp, the kids can identify vowels, identify how to make the vowel say its name and they can read and read a_e words. This week we will be continuing Vowel Bootcamp with a focus on reading and writing CVC-E Words!

We spend a week on each vowel and work on segmenting, blending and writing CVC-E words!

We start with a circle chart just like we do in every TKS BOOTCAMP!

Then we work on word building and blending:

Math: Subtraction To 10

This week in math, we are working on subtraction to 10. We have worked on subtraction a few other times this year so this week we’re focusing on equations and solving equations using manipulatives. And since it’s dinosaur week, we’re subtracting dinosaurs!

Foodie Fun Friday

Our Foodie Fun Friday snack is a dinosaur dig snack. We use pudding, cookies and plastic dinosaurs!

This week we are using these TKS Creations:


For additional information, check out these posts:

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