Schedulin Sunday: 3D Shapes, Creepy Pair Of Underwear, And Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

It’s week 9 of school for us! Week 9 means ABC BOOTCAMP is finished so this week we’re reviewing all letters and sounds! We are continuing our district-mandated requirements, and our foundational skills curriculum. And this week, we’re doing Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Creepy Pair Of Underwear, 3D shapes With Shapes Bootcamp, and Halloween art projects This year, my goal is to show you that you can use our TKS resources along with required curriculums so you’ll see that happening throughout the school year!

District Guidelines

  • We are required to wear masks indoors but not at recess.
  • We can have shared supplies and centers while maintaining 3 feet of distance when possible.
  • We are keeping our enhanced cleaning procedures (wipe down surfaces throughout the day, steam sanitize the room daily, hand sanitizer/hand washing throughout the day, steam mop the floors daily, etc)

Lesson Plans

As always, you can download our weekly lesson plans by clicking on the image!

You can get our EDITABLE lesson plan template by clicking on the image below:


We wrapped up ABC BOOTCAMP last week! The kids did an amazing job and their growth has been phenomenal! I can’t wait to assess this week and see the data. The week after ABC BOOTCAMP is always a review week. We hit all the sounds and letters in whole group and I pull small groups to focus on students who need additional help. The small groups continue as needed with students to work on sounds and letters.

One of our review activities this week will be using our AlphaPals letters! My class LOVES these! This week I will pull a letter from the bag. Students will say the sound, the letter, and write the letter on whiteboards!

Here is a video of this activity when I did it during virtual learning!

We will also be playing some luau games this week as one of our daily reviews!

In past years we have also done a big room transformation for our review week! We have done Candy Land, The Price Is Right, and a luau. This year we are saving our transformation for our farm unit! Stay tuned! Check out our transformations!

For all of the details and information on how we do ABC BOOTCAMP, visit the post linked at the end of this blog post!

Sight Word 60!

This week we are continuing Sight Word 60! After spending the summer learning more about the science of reading, we are continuing with Sight Word 60. We have always had decoding and encoding (writing) of the words as part of Sight Word 60 so we will continue that and will increase the amount of decoding and writing. We will also use orthographic mapping and we’re changing our order of sight words to align to the 109 most frequent words (even though we do 100 words…). You can learn all the details of how Sight Word 60 works on the linked blog post and you can get everything you need for Sight Word 60 in our Sight Word 60 creation!

Read It Up: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

This year our district has adopted a new curriculum. We are being required to use the curriculum, but we will continue to add in our own fun, creative lesson plans, ideas, and resources. And we will continue to bring the FUN to kindergarten!

This week is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom week two! This is actually a required text in our curriculum and it comes later than normal but we’re going all-in on Chicka Chicka week!!! And let me just say, we are SO PUMPED for this week!

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom - By Bill Martin (board Book) : Target

This week for Chicka Chicka Boom Boom means we get to turn Mr. Greg into the coconut tree. Grab some brown sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Glue some fake leaves on a hat. Get some felt letters and you’re ready for a learning bonanza! Ya’ll the kids love this! They grab a letter, identify the letter and sound, and put the letter on the coconut tree!

Read It Up: Creepy Pair Of Underwear

This week we will be reading an October must-read: A Creepy Pair Of Underwear. Ya’ll, kids LOVE this book. I love the comprehension lessons in the book. And yes, there is a costume! A handmade costume at that!

We work on retelling, identifying problems and solutions and we graph our favorite character!


This week we are continuing with Shapes Bootcamp and learning about 3D shapes! We will identify the shapes, and sort 2D and 3D shapes!

We will play “Guess The Shape!” where I put the shapes in a box, identify the attributes, and students identify the shape. We will then use the shape to complete our 3D shapes anchor chart!

We will also be sorting 2D and 3D shapes. Our whole group sort will be sorting shapes using hula hoops. We will use 3D shapes and printed 2D shape cards from Shapes Bootcamp. After the whole group sort, students will complete two individual sorts. One will be a 3D shape sort and one will be a 2D/3D sort!

Mad Science Thursday

This week for Mad Science Thursday we will be making exploding ghosts using balloons, water bottles, vinegar and baking soda!

Halloween Art Projects

Art projects are pretty much non-negotiable for our classroom. Even with the new curriculums and demands, I will not be removing art from the classroom. We will find time to do 2-3 art projects a week. Why? The kids NEED these activities. They need fine motor practice, practice listening, and following directions and it’s FUN and allows us to develop our language!

We will do a directed drawing of a witch and use our feet to paint a witch!

These are the resources we are using in our classroom this week:


For more information, check out these posts:

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