Ten Frames Stacking Cups

My class is obsessed with stacking cups.  Anytime I put a stacking cups activity in our centers, they go crazy for them!  So why not keep using something that engages the students and excites them for learning?!  And stacking cups are a great hands-on STEM activity that includes content.  So it’s a win-win for everyone!  Today we’re talking about ten frames stacking cups!

Ten Frames Stacking Cups

You need:  plastic cups like Solo cups

labels (Which I have made for you!)

I found black and orange cups at War-Mart so we are using those colors.  The cool thing about using plastic cups is that the colors change seasonally so you can always find fun colors to use with stacking cups!

To make the cups you simply apply the labels to the cups. Pick a color the numbers and a color for the ten frames.

numbers and counting kindergarten

Using Stacking Cups

To use, students choose a ten-frame cup, count the dots and then find the matching number.  As they find more matches, they begin to stack the cups!  The challenge is figuring out how many cups you need on the base so you can make all the cups into one giant pyramid!

As they match the cups I will also have them write the number and make the ten frame on their recording sheet.   Click the picture to get your ten-frame sheet!

To get your free labels, click the image below!  (NOTE:  All printers are different.  Please test your labels before printing!)  These are printed on Avery Shipping Labels #8163.

For more ten frame resources, check out this ten frames bundle:

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