Pirate Kindergarten Activity: Going On A Letter Hunt

Who doesn’t love pirates?  And who doesn’t love letting kids go on scavenger hunts using magazines?  So why not combine those two things with a great read-aloud and send your kids on a letter scavenger hunt?
The result:  some serious fun and learning and fine motor practice!
Start off reading the book Shiver Me Letters A Pirate ABC!  The pirates go on a treasure hunt to find the letters of the alphabet.  And as we read, we read it like a pirate every time the pirate says “R”!  “ARRRRR!”  We learn letters and do an interactive read-aloud!  And it’s a fun pirate kindergarten activity!
After reading, give the students magazines.  I ripped pages of magazines and gave them a page each.  They had to find a letter, cut it out, and glue it on our letter chart!  When they come to the chart, they must tell me the letter and sound!
To make the letter chart I used chart paper and wrote the uppercase and lowercase letters!
The students cut out one letter at a time, say the letter to me, and glue the letter on the chart!

Shiver Me Timbers Letter, Treasure Hunt


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